Do you know what absenteeism is actually costing your company, whether it is a small, medium or large business? It really is worth taking an in-depth look into the health and happiness of your employees, which means that you need to start with a healthy, clean and germ free office environment.

Walk into any supermarket and the first thing you do is reach for the hand sanitizer wipes, to wipe your hand and the trolley; why?  Because almost 80% of infectious diseases, such as those nasty flu’s that make the rounds each year and each season, are transmitted through touch!

Giving you the facts straight from Stats SA, absenteeism costs South African employers up to R16 BILLION annually! This is because the costs associated with absenteeism include:

  • The actual salary cost of ‘sick’ leave.
  • Costs of alternative labour sources.
  • Productivity costs associated with stand-in labour.
  • Resentment by staff who have to pick up the slack for absent employees; and
  • A decline in morale of staff who witness ongoing absenteeism.

These are statistics that should make any employer sit up and take a serious look at the underlying causes of absenteeism in their business, and to address each layer of it to do all that is possible on their part to reduce these exorbitant costs.

Back to the hand sanitizers though, these should be a part of every employee’s life at work if they really want to avoid illness, however, the other 10 to 20 percent of infectious diseases are caused by the survival of germs and infectious diseases like flu and tummy ‘bugs’ on hard surfaces around the office, or in any other work environment!

Cold and flu viruses stay alive and healthy on our hands for up to three hours, however, they live up to 48 hours on hard surfaces; now look at all the surfaces in your workplace, from the office furniture, carpets, floors, kitchen areas and bathrooms – that is where the unhealthy cycle starts and is perpetuated!

If you are determined to save your office or work environment from being a fertile breeding ground for infectious, nuisance illnesses, there is something that can be done about it, if done the right way!

Paul Adams and his highly trained team at Extreme Clean offer the highest standard of cleaning services in Cape Town and Johannesburg, focusing their specialised cleaning techniques across a full spectrum that will keep your work environment germ-free, whether it is on a once-off basis, or on a contractual basis.

Extreme Clean was established in 2001, and, with an unwavering commitment to remaining plugged in to the latest research into advanced cleaning materials, chemicals and the most cost effective cleaning methods, this carefully selected team is made up of individuals who have each been trained according to their specialised tasks to be carried out on each project.

This is not average cleaning by any measure, Extreme Clean lives up to its name by offering a cleaning services company that has gone a to a lot more effort than most have in the industry, to deliver a service that is truly outstanding, making a real difference on every office cleaning project they are involved in!

Dirty rags are out and colour coded microfiber cloths are in at Extreme Clean, ensuring that no cross contamination can take place during the cleaning process in various areas of your office, and, with Extreme Clean taking on all responsibility for HR, equipment maintenance, this super-organised team will make short work of everything from furniture to carpets and any surface in-between in order to create unattractive breeding grounds for infectious illnesses in the workplace!

Save your business a small fortune by contacting Extreme Clean for cleaning services that turn surfaces and furniture in your business into a germ free zone, and keep your employees happy and productive in a clean, healthy work environment that will lower absenteeism rates due to illness!