If you live in a dwelling with doors and windows, have pets or children and walk on your carpets odds are you need some carpet cleaning. Whether you choose to tackle the task of carpet cleaning yourself or wish to make use of the services of a carpet cleaning company, there are some basic things you need to know about your carpets and the importance of carpet cleaning.

Dogs, cats, small children, spouses and friends all contribute to some form of dirt on your carpets – carpet cleaning takes care of that. Dirt, dust, mould, dust mites and other critters such as cockroaches thrive on dirty carpets. Carpet cleaning aims to remove these hazardous elements to keep your home clean and safe.

carpet-cleaning 1Types Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be divided into two main types of carpet cleaning methods: steam carpet cleaning and carbonated carpet cleaning substances. The main difference between these two carpet cleaning methods is that steam carpet cleaning makes use of high pressure hot water being sprayed onto the carpets (along with soap and deodorisers) and then sucked out again. Carbonated carpet cleaning substances use much less water and does not require soap. If you choose to make use of steam carpet cleaning, you will need to allow at least a day for your carpets to dry. Carbonated carpet cleaning substances do not require a drying period. A possible danger of steam carpet cleaning is that water remains deep inside your carpets, leading to mould and a damp smell.

If you choose to take on the task of carpet cleaning yourself, you will need some basic products. Carpet cleaning shampoos, carpet cleaning spot removers, carpet cleaning pet odour remover, carpet cleaning deodorisers and carpet cleaning grease/oil removers. These products are dependent on your specific requirements for carpet cleaning. If you are a pet owner, you will greatly gain from pet stain and odour carpet cleaning products. These products will help you to get rid of the unfortunate odours that accompany your furry friends.  In any case, however, you will require carpet cleaning shampoo and carpet cleaning deodoriser. Along with these products, it is also helpful to have a specialised carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner.

Many carpet cleaning companies enable you to hire a carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner, allowing you to clean your home without spending a fortune. If you choose to buy your own carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner there are many different options out there – from carpet cleaning vacuum cleaners that focus on pet hairs to carpet cleaning vacuum cleaners that get rid of allergy-causing substances in your home. If neither of these options tickle your fancy, you can also make use of professional carpet cleaning services.


If you choose to enlist the service of a professional carpet cleaning company, they will visit your home to evaluate the necessary action that needs to be taken to ensure your carpet cleaning experience is a satisfying one. Prior to the carpet cleaning company visiting your home, it is preferred that you move most of your furniture away from the carpets. This will avoid any damage to your valuables during the carpet cleaning process.

carpet-cleaning 2The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is essential in any home. Allergies are caused by mould, dust, pollen and dust mites. Maybe your children constantly complain of hayfever. Perhaps you’ve noticed fleas around your home. Or maybe you can’t quite get rid of the smell hanging around your lounge. Whatever your reason for needing a good carpet cleaning, don’t leave it to chance.

Ensure that whatever method of carpet cleaning you choose addresses the specific issues you have. There are also many ways to save money when cleaning your carpets – there are many household items such as vinegar that you can use to remove odours and stains from your carpets. If you enlist the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, ensure they are reliable and experienced. There are few things worse than handing over your prized possessions, only to see it being ruined by inexperience and incompetence.

Carpet cleaning need not be limited to your carpets. It is a good idea, when cleaning your carpets, to extend the cleaning to your drapes, area rugs, mattresses, pillows and bedding. This will ensure that whatever is lurking in your carpets doesn’t continue to thrive in your home. It is a good idea to clean your carpets and other vulnerable items once a year, to ensure you keep any bad allergens and bacteria at bay.