Apr 12

Guaranteed pest control initiatives by Extreme Clean rid businesses of unhealthy, destructive pests!

Having had ten years in which to collect a vast reservoir of experience in pest control in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Fourways, the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division has earned an exceptional reputation for service delivery through its ability to offer guaranteed results to clients who are doing battle with annoying and unhealthy pests in their businesses.

There is enough for any business owner to have to do to make sure that everything is running smoothly on a day to day basis, without having to worry about the damage pests can do and how to prevent further infestation.

Unfortunately, the longer you ignore the pests nibbling at your business, the more it is going to cost in trying to repair damage caused by small but determined little critters, no matter how big or small your company is.

Extreme Clean exterminator teams are highly qualified, friendly and willing to go the extra mile to ensure that not only will your business be pest free, it will remain so!  Persistence is the name of the game where it comes to insects like ants, cockroaches, rats, mice and fleas, no quick fix or spray of an insecticide is going to get to the root of the problem, which is normally hidden from sight.

It takes a team of pest control experts to dig a lot deeper in order to reach the nests of insects and rodents, but it’s pretty much a guarantee that where you see one, there are many others lurking in hard-to-reach places only an expert can find.

Extreme Clean uses the most effective pesticides and rodenticides available in the industry, and while these repellents are harmful to pests, they are environmentally and pet-friendly repellents that are 100% approved by the SABS.

Leave pest control issues to the Extreme Clean pest control team so that you are free to focus on other essential factors that affect the day to day operations of your business, no doubt you will appreciate the superb service and guarantees that raise any service carried out by Extreme Clean to standards that are unrivalled!

Apr 01

Extreme Clean offers expert pest control solutions that free your home of pest invasions!

Your home is your castle, it is definitely not a space you wish to share with annoying insects and rodents who are masters at hiding, and especially not when you know that when one pops its head out, there is bound to be a colony or ten hiding somewhere out of sight!

The first reaction to seeing a cockroach in the home is disgust, it’s just one of those creepy crawlies that makes the toughest of us feel a chill from head to toe, and that’s not the worst of it, if you know anything about cockroaches it’s that where there is one, there are hundreds more skulking in dark and dank places around your home!

The longer you try to pretend that it’s just ‘one’ cockroach, the more time babies are given to reach full maturity and settle in for a long, healthy life under your roof!  Extreme Clean has been the number one pest control company in Cape Town and Johannesburg for ten years now, and if anyone is going to be able to find the cockroaches you can’t see, this team will!

Bed bugs are a whole other story on their own, these tiny insects are so sneaky and secretive that they can go undetected until it becomes a serious bed bug infestation; the best thing you can do is have a highly trained professional from the Extreme Clean pest control division carry out a thorough inspection for you and recommend the best course of action to rid yourself of these critters.

Something to bear in mind when it comes to bed bugs is that contrary to popular belief, bed bugs don’t just live in beds and upholstery, they will hitch a ride in anything from a box to shoes and even hide in the cracks and crevices of your walls!

Of real nuisance value is the ant, and despite the fact that ants are actually considered one of the cleanest, most sanitary species on earth, a colony or two of ants can wreak havoc as they munch their way through your pantry, and no matter how much pride they take in their grooming, they become a real pest when they decide to move into your home.

Ants are just as difficult to get rid of as cockroaches are, spraying pesticide every day does not affect the actual nest, which is exactly why we need the effectiveness and experience of a pest control company like Extreme Clean to ensure that these nests are completely cleared.

The Extreme Clean Pest Control Division is not just any old pest control team; they make sure they do such a professional job that they can guarantee the results across the spectrum of pest control that includes rodent control, cockroach control, termite and flea control and the fumigation of bed bugs!

Get rid of annoying, disease carrying pests in your home by contacting the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division to do a thorough, professional inspection today!

Mar 23

Catching sight of just one cockroach in your home or business means it’s time for extreme measures!

It’s bad enough that we have to deal with cockroaches in the first place, whether they have made themselves comfortable in your home or business, but not one of three major types of cockroaches in South Africa even have South African names!

The three most common types of cockroaches we come face to face with as we switch the light on at night have exotic, faraway-sounding names like the American cockroach, the German cockroach and the Oriental cockroach, (one wonders how they made it to our beautiful shores!), and one is just as terrifying as the next!

A little info about these three little (and not so little) monsters will help to identify just what you are dealing with:

American Cockroach – This is one of the biggest cockroaches in South Africa and it’s also the nasty red-brown gogga that can fly right into your face given the right temperatures! The American cockroach loves dark, humid spaces and is most at home in bathrooms, kitchens, roofs and basements.

Oriental Cockroach – These are those mostly dark brown or black little bugs you will find scuttling around in drains, basements and porches, and they particularly like rubbish tips and leafy litter that is just cool, dark and damp enough to appeal to their appetites.

German Cockroach – If you really have the courage to study these ugly critters, you will be able to identify them by the two big dark stripes at their pronotum (the plate that covers the surface of the thorax), but who really wants to put a cockroach under a microscope before calling in pest control!

The really, really bad news about cockroaches is that by the time you actually see one skulking around your home or business, they are already in the business of consolidating a growing population well out of your line of sight!

For every cockroach you use almost a whole can of pesticide on in an effort to kill, there are probably in the region of 200 to 300 waiting in line to take its place, and once established, nothing can expand quite as fast as a cockroach family!

Put the pesticide away and call in Extreme Clean, this team has had over ten years’ experience in the pest control industry in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Fourways, guaranteeing successful professional results that will keep your home and business free of cockroaches.

Many businesses, especially those in the food and catering industry, have been closed down as a result of pest infestation, whether it’s as a result of cockroach or rodent infestations, due the strict legislation and regulation policies of the industry implemented by the Department of Health, tasked with protecting the health and safety of workers and consumers.

When the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division is called in as the front-line to cockroach control, termite control, flea and rat control, as well as the fumigation of bed bugs, you can rely on them to use the most effective pesticides and rodenticides for guaranteed professional results, which will also include a detailed report about all treatments applied.

Last, but definitely not least, with a reputation earned for service excellence in every aspect of the comprehensive range of services that extend far beyond average professional pest control, Extreme Clean is committed to using pest repellents that are approved by the SABS to control pests effectively, while at the same time being environmentally friendly and pet-friendly!

Call the friendly team of pest control experts at Extreme Clean today to rid the cracks and corners of your home or business of any pesky pests that are likely to cause conditions hazardous to health!

Mar 15

An effective pest control maintenance plan is essential to the success of any restaurateur.

For owner or manager of an establishment that prepares and serves food, pest control should be at the top of the list of risk factors that could influence the success or failure of a restaurant or food outlet.

Having a good pest management system in place is essential, not only to address health issues, but to remain fully compliant with the Department of Health legislations, HACCP and municipal regulations in order to avoid the closure of your business, which would result in irreparable damage to your reputation and make coming back virtually impossible.

Having a professional and experienced team like Extreme Clean bring in their Pest Control Division to inspect your premises is your first step towards putting in place high quality preventative and maintenance plans.  It is also essential to schedule of regular inspections with Extreme Clean in order to keep any pest infestations at bay.

Restaurants are unfortunately very attractive to pests like cockroaches, rats and flies; the warmth, food and shelter offered by your kitchen gives them a perfect haven, and no matter how good your waste management system is, or how high the standards of hygiene are in your restaurant, there is always a rat or cockroach that can slip in as a hitchhiker from any delivery to your premises.

Because the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division has been taking care of businesses and homes in Cape Town and Johannesburg for ten years already, they have the experience to ensure that pest control measures used by this team are effective against pests without posing a threat to food safety.

You will have put immense expense and effort into creating a successful eatery, and to watch it go up in smoke because one cockroach or mouse stuck its head out at a health inspector would be devastating on every level!

Contact Extreme Clean to set up an inspection with their Pest Control Division and protect the future of your business with an effective, professional management plan that is guaranteed to help you maintain an exceptionally high standard of pest control!

Mar 08

Make your investment in flooring, furniture and carpets really count the Extreme Clean way!

Why would you waste time and money on bringing in cleaning services that just never seem to get the job right when there is a company like Extreme Clean available to breathe new life into your commercial property, offering specialised cleaning methods that make the rest look like pretenders?

Extreme Clean is right on your doorstep with their specialised cleaning services available in Johannesburg, the Vaal Triangle and Cape Town, with a team ready and highly trained to get the job done as quickly and effectively as possible.

All post occupational cleaning, post construction cleaning, carpet cleaning and specialist floor cleaning services offered by Extreme Clean are of a standard that cannot be beaten, a standard that is clearly customer-focussed in every aspect.

The right flooring is one of the biggest investments any business can make, whether it is a commercial property, shopping mall or factory, and anything in-between for that matter, and in order to make a great return on investment for many years to come, those floors need special attention and regular cleaning with highly professional cleaning treatments.

Three of the essential specialised cleaning services offered by Extreme Clean are floor and tile related, services that can be done outside of normal business hours if that is what is what is required to keep your business running smoothly, without unnecessary interruption.

These specialised floor cleaning services include the polishing and stripping of vinyl floors, the polishing and sealing of slate tiles as well as the scrubbing and cleaning of tiles. There is nothing ‘regular’ or ‘ordinary’ about what Extreme Clean can do for your floors, no matter how big or small the project is!

The carpets and furniture in your business are also areas which require regular, deep cleaning in order to prolong their life and give you a good return on your investment, making sure that your carpets, office furniture, lounge suites, loose rugs and mattresses will reach their expected lifespan, which is an average of 8 to 10 years, depending on the quality as well.

Using only SABS approved chemicals, Extreme Clean uses advanced cleaning techniques to remove all types of dirt and stains as well as to chase any dust mites or nasty little creatures that like to make your carpets and furniture their palace!

Extreme Clean uses their own steam cleaning method which will leave your carpets and furniture dry within 2-3 hours, smelling clean and fresh, ready to tackle the next leg of their journey with a bright new energy!

Contact Extreme Clean in Johannesburg or Cape Town to bring a breath of fresh air into your business, its well worth making your investment count in the long run!

Mar 01

Major corporate clients trust Extreme Clean implicitly for service excellence beyond expectations!

Looking at the services offered by average cleaning companies and then comparing them to the specialised cleaning services carried out by Extreme Clean will give you a clear picture of just what it means to be a ‘specialist’ cleaning service in the true sense of the word ‘specialist’!

In order to offer a service of this standard, Extreme Clean has done a tremendous amount of research into the most effective cleaning methods and equipment on the market worldwide, applying a wealth of advanced knowledge that makes their cleaning services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Vaal Triangle the very best in the industry.

It is not by accident that Extreme Clean has reached the level of success it has since 2001, it has taken sheer dedication to service excellence to become the most trusted team to call on when it comes to cleaning services such as post occupational cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control and other essential services that bring life to any building that needs a good, deep clean.

If your floors are looking tired, in high traffic areas, Extreme Clean will work out a schedule that will keep your floors looking bright and shiny in your business, without interrupting the flow of your business day. Work can be carried out after-hours or over weekends, without any effort on your part.

Extreme Clean takes care of the cleaning equipment used, ensures that a good system of colour coded cloths is used in order to avoid cross contamination in crucial areas, and takes the burden of staff training off your hands completely, you will never have to worry about whether cleaning staff will pitch or not again.

An added bonus to a contractual cleaning agreement with Extreme Clean is that they manage every detail associated with HR, IR (inspection reports), labour, equipment and maintenance issues as well as the responsible use of cleaning chemicals, all of which are SABS approved.

Short-cuts are not part of the vocabulary at Extreme Clean; contact them today to find out why their top corporate clients trust them implicitly to get the job done beyond expectations!

Feb 23

Let Extreme Clean handle the mess left after your hard work on construction and renovations!

Post construction cleaning can be a nightmare if you do not have a cleaning company you can rely on to give your hard work its final polish before occupation, there is no time to waste in our fast-paced world between final completion of any commercial or residential property construction and renovation, before the handover to new tenants.

It costs enormous amounts of money to waste a single day for any construction company, and with project completion deadlines that must be met, every construction company can do with the professional assistance of a reliable post construction cleaning team who specialise in cleaning methods that achieve outstanding results.

There is no better company than Extreme Clean to trust for reliable, efficient and cost-effective specialist cleaning services to make sure that not a trace of post construction dust or debris is missed, no matter how big or small the area is that needs a thorough, professional cleaning.

Extreme Clean has earned a great reputation among top corporate clients who do not hesitate to recommend this team that has been around since 2001, with this many years worth of experience in the cleaning services industry, it shouldn’t come as any surprise that the bulk of new clients adding Extreme Clean to their list of trusted companies, do so on the strength of third party recommendations!

Post occupational cleaning is also a focus of the comprehensive specialised cleaning services carried out by Extreme Clean, any mess post occupation or post construction will vanish in the military-like precision of a team that is exceptionally well trained and up-to-date with the latest in cleaning techniques.

Amidst all the paperwork and deadlines, Extreme Clean takes a load off your shoulders with cleaning services that are way beyond average and can always be relied on, giving you the space to attend to other finer details important in handing over a pristine commercial property.

Contact Extreme Clean today for a quotation that will make them the number one team you can rely on to clean up the mess your hard work leaves behind!

Feb 16

Extreme Clean has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to post occupational cleaning!

If you are an estate agent, letting agent, renovations contractor, building contractor or landlord, you will already know just how essential it is to have a specialist cleaning team on speed dial, and in a hectic business schedule, the last thing you need to worry about is whether the job will get done, and well done at that!

Extreme Clean is not just any old cleaning company; this team really does take their commitment to excellence to the extreme with a 72 point cleaning system that does not miss a spot! Paul Adams has shaped his team through expert training, staff incentives that make for a team that is a pleasure to deal with and keeping up with the latest cleaning techniques and equipment.

If you have made a date with Extreme Clean, you don’t need to give post occupational cleaning any further thought, they will be there, and while they may not be wearing bells and whistles, they will definitely be easy to identify in their Safety uniforms.

Post occupational cleaning is a job best left to trusted professionals, it’s a job that takes time to do well, and a team that is individually trained to suit their specific cleaning areas expertly, brought together as a cohesive force for the benefit of many long-term clients, and as a refreshing change to new clients!

Extreme Clean started out with post occupational cleaning in Johannesburg and the Vaal Triangle in 2001 and spread its wings to bring expert post occupational cleaning to Cape Town in 2008, continuing to prove that no matter how much they have grown, the intention at Extreme Clean remains the same, to be the best!

Post occupational cleaning is not the only specialist trick up the sleeve at Extreme Clean, every service offered by this team is of the highest standard, from contract cleaning to carpet cleaning and sparkling tile or vinyl floors! The first time you trust your cleaning to this team will be the last time you ever look anywhere else for unparalleled service!

Feb 09

There is only one specialist cleaning company that will protect your assets like Extreme Clean can.

Paul Adams spent many years in the cleaning services industry, observing and absorbing everything to do with the generalities of the average contractual cleaning services and then decided to strike out on his own in 2001, taking commercial contractual cleaning services to a completely new level with the birth of Extreme Clean!

This meant being willing to go further than just the extra mile to create a specialised cleaning service that takes an extreme approach to every cleaning project taken on by a highly trained team, bringing consistent growth to Extreme Clean through the years, so much so that in addition to the Vaal Triangle and Johannesburg branches, Extreme Clean extended their reach and added a Cape Town branch to a growing portfolio in 2008.

Despite the success and growth enjoyed by Extreme Clean, the standard of specialised cleaning services offered by this highly incentivised and motivated team has not flagged, remaining consistently committed to a high level of customer service.

Extreme Clean is definitely a team of cleaning specialists you can trust to maintain expensive assets such as floors, carpet cleaning and furniture at an exceptional level, prolonging the life of these assets through the use of specialised cleaning techniques that have been well researched and tested.

As one satisfied Extreme Clean client remarked, after the team had used their specialised cleaning techniques on the floors at their premises over a weekend, the staff had asked whether the flooring had been changed over the weekend – and that was after setting the Extreme Clean team loose on their premises for just one day!

Extreme Clean is trusted by many high profile commercial and industrial clients to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of their premises is of the highest standard, such as shopping centres, hotels, private hospitals and more. In addition to this, Extreme Clean is the team most trusted by estate agents and property owners to manage their post occupational cleaning; they trust Extreme Clean to carry out the work with the highest level of professionalism and reliability in the industry.

When you are looking around for fully comprehensive specialised cleaning services, whether it is on a contractual basis or on a once-off basis, make sure you contact Extreme Clean first if nothing less than the best will do for you!

Feb 02

No job is too big or small for the Extreme Clean specialist team to tackle in depth!

Extreme Clean offers a comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services to suit all commercial, corporate and industrial businesses throughout the Vaal region as well as in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town. The highly trained team from Extreme Clean receive ongoing training in regard to the latest in cleaning techniques, chemicals and equipment, giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the most intensive cleaning projects, no matter what size the project is.

The specialised cleaning services carried out by the Extreme Clean teams and their supervisors ensure that no nook or cranny from the front to back of your premises is missed, assuring you that once this formidable team has swept through your corporate offices, hotel, shopping centre or any other commercial property, the difference will be visible!
Unfortunately many cleaning services use incorrect cleaning methods and chemicals that when used on a regular basis cause damage to floors, tiles, carpets and furniture, which is exactly why Extreme Clean has gone the extra mile in terms of the depth of research they do into the latest chemicals best suited to each area, and which cleaning methods and chemicals are most effective in the long term.

This meticulous attention to detail even extends to the use of colour coded cleaning cloths used for specific areas in order to avoid cross contamination, and these cloths are regularly replaced, you will never see a tacky cloth in the hands of a member of the Extreme Clean team!

Extreme Clean offers the expert services of the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division in order to keep your environment healthy and pest free, yet another of the specialised cleaning services offered by Extreme Clean, carried out with the same level of commitment to service excellence that is the hallmark of all projects managed by Extreme Clean!
Whether the job is big or small, you can rely on Extreme Clean to provide you with the very best in cost effective specialised cleaning services!

Jan 25

Extreme Clean offers cost effective specialised cleaning perfectly in line with your requirements.

With a staff compliment that is highly trained in the latest specialist cleaning methods and equipment, Extreme Clean is unequivocally experienced enough to completely revitalise and refresh your corporate offices and other commercial properties, including shopping malls, retail outlets and other industrial properties.

Once the Extreme Clean has been through your premises the difference will be obvious, this team does far more than just a surface clean, they reach into areas no other cleaning company will bother with, ensuring that all areas that are breeding grounds for germs and dust collection are completely cleared.

For expensive assets like carpets, a periodic deep cleaning by the Extreme Clean team at specific intervals will get rid of accumulated soil, grit and dust, all of which, if left unchecked, becomes the perfect breeding ground for destructive mites and bacteria. The best way to extend the life of your carpets and furniture is to let Extreme Clean apply their specialist carpet cleaning methods in order to avoid unnecessary and costly replacement.

Only SABS approved chemicals are used to clean and protect the carpets and furniture in your commercial properties, using a special Odorise Chemical to make your carpets and furniture smell fresh and clean as well as leaving them looking brand new!

Despite the fantastic growth experienced by Extreme Clean since its inception in the Vaal Triangle and Johannesburg, with a Cape Town branch opened in 2008, each client is still treated with the same unwavering service excellence that has gained Extreme Clean many high profile corporate clients who make regular use of this team, either on a contractual basis or on a once-off basis a few times a year.

Extreme Clean has also earned a valued reputation and created long term relationships with clients as a result of their exceptional services in post occupational cleaning, pest control and specialised floor and tile cleaning services, ensuring that no matter which service is rendered by this highly trained and motivated team, it will be of the highest standard possible!
Contact Extreme Clean and let this experienced team work with you to create a cost effective cleaning service that suits your commercial requirements perfectly! Please visit the Extreme Clean website as well in order to learn more about the lengths that this team goes to in order to bring a whole new level of cleaning to the industry!

Jan 18

Appearances really do count where it comes to the cleanliness of your commercial property!

Although Extreme Clean does not provide day to day domestic cleaning services or do the general cleaning of furnished homes, this highly trained team is able to tackle any project in the commercial and industrial sector with a level of professionalism that is unbeatable in the industry.

Extreme Clean is a specialist cleaning service, using only the latest in cleaning techniques and equipment in order to carry out cost effective specialised cleaning solutions that take into account the individual needs of each client, tailoring these solutions to meet all budgetary requirements.

Delivering a high level of specialised cleaning services with an unwavering commitment to service excellence has earned Extreme Clean its position as market leader in its field, garnering many satisfied clients throughout the years, many of whom have developed long term relationships with Extreme Clean based on the fact that they can rely on this team to deliver on its promises.

Many commercial and industrial businesses attract heavy foot traffic, which means that in order to protect not only their reputation in the eyes of the public, but also to protect valuable assets such as floors, tiles and carpets, a regular schedule of specialised cleaning is necessary for the upkeep of all these areas.

After many years in the cleaning service industry in Johannesburg and Cape Town, Extreme Clean understands the challenges of keeping high traffic areas in mint condition by offering cleaning contracts that can include after-hours and weekend cleaning schedules, depending on the requirements of the client.

It is a well known fact that the general public expects commercial businesses of any kind, especially those such as shopping malls and retail outlets, to be clean and hygienic, and if any team can ensure that your customers keep coming back it is the specialist crew from Extreme Clean! Where it comes to business, appearance really does count!

A team that is trained according to individual roles they play in specialist cleaning techniques used by Extreme Clean, their ongoing training and commitment to using only the most advanced cleaning methods all add up to an assurance that contacting Extreme Clean to draw up a contractual cleaning schedule to maintain the image of your business will be a decision you will not regret!

Jan 11

The most comprehensive list of specialised cleaning services is only offered by Extreme Clean.

Ensuring that your commercial properties, offices, renovated homes, factories, shopping centres and so much more are healthy environments, as clear of bacteria and viruses as possible, not only has a positive effect on staff morale and health, but also creates an impression of high standards to visiting clients which signifies to them that your business is conducted with the same level of thoroughness and professionalism.

If you have an especially high traffic commercial premises or large corporate office which also attracts a high level of traffic, the most cost effective solution to keeping your environment clean and healthy is to bring in the Extreme Clean team and allow then to apply extraordinarily specialised cleaning services in order to maintain a healthy energy in your premises for everyone.

Many years spent in the cleaning services industry has brought consistent success to Extreme Clean and the commitment which was made by founder and owner Paul Adams when he first started out in 2001, that no matter how big Extreme Clean got, the service would remain the same, has never wavered.

Extreme Clean is made up of a team of highly trained professionals, each trained to suit the role they play in the cleaning process as set out in each specialised area of cleaning, and this is a highly valued compliment of staff who are incentivised to give their best in every situation and work harder than any other cleaning crew could.

The comprehensive list of services offered by Extreme Clean in Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as in the areas surrounding these main centres, are all on view when you pay their great-looking user friendly website a visit, which will give you in-depth information about how the Extreme Clean teams go about tackling each project, big or small, from post occupational cleaning to corporate office cleaning and more.

Your search for a reliable specialised cleaning services company in South Africa will be a highly successful one if it lands at the front door of Extreme Clean!

Jan 04

Experience the difference between standard ‘cleaning’ and the Extreme Clean methods in post occupational cleaning!

It is unfortunate but very true that many tenants do leave a mess behind when they move on, some to a large degree, which can have landlords, letting agents and estate agents tearing their hair out, and some to a lesser degree, and then the pressure begins to get the post occupational cleaning done in anticipation of new tenants moving in.

This is where the expert services of Extreme Clean comes to the rescue, offering post occupational cleaning of the highest standard, which is exactly what has come to be expected by their many satisfied clients over the years since 2001.

Extreme Clean is so much more than any cleaning company you may ever have dealt with before, this team puts everything into getting down and dirty, using the latest cleaning methods, chemicals and equipment to leave the premises sparkling clean, from top to bottom, front to back.

Specialised cleaning is something that has been tried by very few cleaning companies as it requires a lot more attention to just what it takes to really get the job done at the highest standard possible, with a highly trained staff, the use of only the best SABS approved cleaning chemicals and the most innovative cleaning equipment available in order to deep clean every area.

The team that comes in to do your post occupational cleaning are all provided with safety uniforms, both for safety as well as easy identification and because Extreme Clean are specialists in post occupational cleaning, you will more than likely have to plan on setting aside up to a day for the job to be completed thoroughly.

There is a 72 point cleaning system used as the Extreme Clean team tackles the various areas on the premises, from the lounge area to the dining room, kitchen, bedrooms and bathroom areas right into the garage, which means that there will not be a spot on the wall, a mark on the floor or even the smallest trace of old grease left in the kitchen by the time they leave!

Extreme Clean post occupational cleaning is available in and around both Cape Town and Johannesburg, and if you would like this highly professional, highly motivated and trained team to take over your post occupational woes, please give them a call to experience the difference between standard ‘cleaning’ and the Extreme Clean methods!

Dec 27

Contract office cleaning is never better than when it is carried out by Extreme Clean!

There are many good reasons to consider allowing the Extreme Clean into your corporate office environment, not the least among which is that when this team has been through your offices, the difference is very obvious, and considering that Extreme Clean has been involved in specialised cleaning services since 2001, the reasons just keep getting better.

In the first place, when Extreme Clean takes over the cleaning of your offices, you can rely on the fact that Paul Adams, as owner and founder, has ensured that while he is at the helm of this consistently successful business, you can rely on him to train his team to the highest standards of health and safety, with the assurance that Extreme Clean works hard to retain their staff compliment so that you will never be let down again by cleaning staff, and the standard will always remain at the highest standard.

Your responsibility in terms of HR, IR, Labour, Cleaning Chemicals, Equipment and maintenance issues are all taken off your hands by the experienced, professional team at Extreme Clean.  Due to the comprehensive range of services offered, Extreme Clean is able to meet all your specific cleaning requirements, from general specialised cleaning to carpet and expert tile cleaning services.

You can rely on Extreme Clean to have a fully trained supervisor on the floor with your team of professional cleaners, keeping an eye on the entire cleaning process. If yours is a busy office or corporate business, weekend and after-hour cleaning services are also negotiable, after all, Extreme Clean knows exactly how to keep the wheels of any business running smoothly!

Extreme Clean has never rested on the laurels of success they have earned from their many satisfied high profile corporate clients, they are constantly involved in remaining on the cutting edge of specialised cleaning, committed to research on any advanced cleaning methods and chemicals as well as finding more cost effective cleaning methods which reflect the Extreme Clean standards.

You can always bank on Extreme Clean providing you with nothing less than the hardest working compliment of highly incentivised and reliable staff, this is a rare quality of professional and reliable specialised cleaning service aimed at commercial and industrial sectors!

You deserve to be able to focus on your core business and leave the cleaning of your offices in the hands of the professionals, give Extreme Clean a call today to experience the difference this team can make to your office environment!

Dec 20

Call Extreme Clean to find out more about what their specialised cleaning services can do for you!

Daily contractual cleaning, carpet cleaning, post occupational cleaning, office cleaning and pest control, not to mention specialised cleaning services for floors and tiles; how much more could you ask for of a cleaning services company, and it is all rolled up in one very successful company that has consistently raised the standard of cleaning services in the Cape Town and Johannesburg regions!

All of these cleaning services are what Extreme Clean is all about, on top of which, you will never have met a more highly trained, pleasant compliment of staff who know exactly what they are doing and are willing to work really hard to achieve the best results in everything they do, whether the project is big or small!

A lot of research into the latest chemicals and equipment as well as more cost effective cleaning methods sets Extreme Clean apart from the rest of the cleaning services companies in the industry, showing a commitment to going a lot further into what it means to provide truly specialised cleaning services in all the specific fields Extreme Clean is able to tackle.

Reliability is a key ingredient to the success which has been enjoyed by Extreme Clean for many years now as well as a determination that despite the steady growth of Extreme Clean throughout these years since 2001, their intention is still to be the best and not just the biggest specialised cleaning services company in South Africa.

Once the Extreme Clean has been through your premises, whether it is on a contractual office cleaning basis or post occupational cleaning, the thoroughness of this highly trained team is self evident, and with a supervisor on site, the extra touch is definitely well taken care of.

No matter which of the services you choose to contact Extreme Clean to take off your hands, it will be a decision you will never regret, contact the friendly team today to find out what they can do for you with their commitment to customer service and professionalism!

Dec 14

Your search for exceptional post-construction cleaning services ends right at the doorstep of Extreme Clean!

There is no doubt that any home or business owner, along with construction companies and contracted renovators face the inevitable once construction or renovation is completed – an absolute mess, one which few know how to tackle effectively, especially when it is not their area of expertise.

Post construction or renovation cleaning is an area of expertise for the specialised cleaning services of Extreme Clean, who get down to the job at hand quickly and effectively, no matter how big the mess is or how large the area to be cleaned may be.  With the valuable experience this team has accumulated after many years in the cleaning services industry, Extreme Clean has taken post-construction cleaning to a whole new level of professionalism.

Every area, from the ceiling to the floor will be cleaned using the latest in cleaning methods and equipment and carried out by a highly trained team who are each fully equipped to manage their area of expertise with complete professionalism and commitment to customer service.

Many high profile clients from the construction industry as well as developers rely on the service excellence they have come to associate with Extreme Clean, knowing that by the time new tenants are ready to move in, they will be taking occupancy of a perfectly cleaned space, whether it is a new home, one that has been renovated or a large development finally completed.

From the ceiling to the floor and windows, Extreme Clean employs methods which have taken many years worth of commitment to delving deeper into every facet of the cleaning service industry in order to provide an extreme cleaning service that stands head above shoulders of any other cleaning service.

Extreme Clean brings you cost effective, tailor made cleaning solutions to suit your requirements across a wide range of specialised cleaning services, making it well worth your while to contact this team and experience their friendly and committed attitude for yourself, no doubt your search for exceptional service will end right at their doorstep!

Dec 07

Why settle for anything less than the most specialised team in the cleaning service industry!

Extreme Clean is no ordinary every day cleaning company, when the word ‘extreme’ is associated with their name, it means just that, extreme and advanced cleaning services hard to find anywhere else in South Africa!

Key accounts with major high profile clients are proof that when the Extreme Clean team tackles any project, it is done with sheer professionalism and training that goes above and beyond the norm.  Despite the experience this team has enjoyed in applying their expert cleaning experience to large prestigious commercial properties, shopping centres, factories and hotels, there is no job to big or too small for the Extreme team to tackle.

Post occupational cleaning is another area of expertise which is offered by Extreme Clean, which means that many estate agents, property owners and managers rely on the ability of Extreme Clean to provide an exceptional level of service in preparation for new tenants planning to move in.  Extreme Clean does not just stick to the eye-level, obvious areas, they get into places your average cleaning company would not even think of attending to, using the latest in cleaning equipment and methods to reach into all the nooks and crannies with an exceptional thoroughness.

These are all part of the reason that Extreme Clean has consistently maintained an exceptionally good reputation for service excellence since 2001, and by offering of the most comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town, the ability of this team headed by founder Paul Adams is without a doubt above and beyond any other cleaning service in South Africa.

From giving your carpets a new lease on life, polishing and sealing of vinyl and slate tiles to ensuring that your premises will be given a deep clean from front to back like never before, you can be assured that Extreme Clean will rise to the occasion and exceed your expectations time after time.

Extreme Clean has gone where other cleaning companies have feared to tread due to the exceptional level of advanced knowledge that is required to offer this standard of extreme cleaning, which means that if you will settle for nothing less than the best in the cleaning service industry, Extreme Clean is just the team you need!

Nov 28

Create a positive impression of your business with the help of the Extreme Clean team.

Whether it is on a conscious level or not, clients entering your premises are definitely not going to be impressed by an office or corporate building that reflects an aura of neglect, people notice the smallest of things and it is these impressions that can create a lack of confidence in your level of service and professionalism.

Many companies will spend hundreds of thousands of Rands in maintaining the exterior of their building yet pay little if any attention to the fact that what is inside the building is every bit as important as that first impression a client gets, even if you did add a bit of a facelift to your reception area.

It is essential to keep your premises fresh and clean, every bit as important as it is to manage and maintain your commitment to clients, which is exactly where contracting the tailor made services of a professional team like Extreme Clean to apply their extreme cleaning methods to maintain a clean and fresh environment comes in.

Extreme Clean goes well beyond the boundaries of any average cleaning company, using the very latest in cleaning techniques and equipment, managed by a team highly qualified to fulfil their individual roles as part of the whole.  Extreme Clean is committed to providing the team with ongoing training in order to keep up with advances in technology in the cleaning service industry, on top of which this is a highly motivated team who are incentivised to reach levels way above average.

The reputation that Extreme Clean has earned through their long term relationships with many high profile clients is proof that this is no flash in the pan company, they have been around since 2001 and the exceptionally high level of service that is associated with Extreme Clean has never flagged.

Whether it is on a contractual basis or as a once-off service, bringing Extreme Clean into your business will not only create a cleaner, healthier environment for your staff, it will go a long way towards creating a lasting impression of professionalism and high standards with your clients.

Please visit the Extreme Clean website for an in-depth insight into the full scope of professional specialised cleaning services provided by this exceptional team.

Nov 14

Contractual specialised cleaning services tailor made for commercial and industrial premises.

If yours is a commercial or industrial business committed to creating a clean and healthy environment for your staff as well as maintaining a good impression with clients visiting your premises then no doubt you either have your own compliment of cleaning staff or have contracted a standard cleaning company to maintain these standards.

If however you are not one of the Extreme Clean key corporate and industrial clients, you have probably already experienced the frustration of cleaning staff absenteeism, or tried a cleaning service that does not do anything more than a cursory clean which leaves you dissatisfied every time they come through your premises.

Extreme Clean on the other hand has put a lot of research and many years worth of experience to work in order to create the very best in specialist cleaning services in and around Cape Town and Johannesburg, maintaining an exceptional reputation for service excellence since 2001, yet never resting on their laurels.

Extreme Clean is the epitome of professionalism and reliability, taking on all the responsibility associated with HR, IR, Labour, Cleaning Chemicals as well as the upkeep of equipment and maintenance thereof, all of which is aimed at saving you time and money by offering your business cost effective tailor made solutions for a service you can rely on to take specialised cleaning to an entirely new level.

You will never again have to worry about staff issues once you have had the hardest working team move through your premises, carrying out all cleaning tasks with careful attention to the specific cleaning requirements the Extreme Clean range of services has to offer.

Consistency is at the core of everything the Extreme Clean team does and this includes ongoing research into advanced cleaning materials, chemicals and other cost effective methods that can be implemented and aligned with the comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services offered by Extreme Clean.

Contact the friendly and committed Extreme Clean team to schedule a contractual cleaning agreement which addresses all your concerns and let them create a tailor made system which will suit all your requirements.  Extreme Clean is as professional and specialised as you can get in the cleaning services industry in South Africa!

Nov 01

Why go anywhere else when you have Extreme Clean on your side!

If you are looking for a full service specialist cleaning service in Johannesburg, the Vaal region or Cape Town then Extreme Clean will provide you with such an impressive list of cleaning services that you will never have to go anywhere else to target every area of your residential, commercial or industrial property.

Whether you are dealing with Extreme Clean on a contractual basis or as a once off service, your corporate offices and hotel, shopping centre or industrial premises will never be as clean and healthy again once this formidable team of experts have deep cleaned every nook and cranny from top to bottom in your premises.

If you are determined to extend the life of expensive assets such as floors, carpets, tiles and furniture, the specialist cleaning services provided by Extreme Clean will make light work of protecting your investment effectively and efficiently.

Using incorrect cleaning methods and chemicals on a regular basis will do more harm than good to beautiful floors, tiles and expensive carpets, these are areas that should be left to specialists like Extreme Clean who apply specific techniques to these areas to bring out the best in them and extend their lifespan.

Pest control is another very important area which needs regular treatment in order to keep the environment in your home or office healthy, and with the expert services of the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division you can rely on the same level of commitment that the team at Extreme Clean applies to any given task, big or small.

The scope of specialised services provided by Extreme Clean includes post occupational cleaning which is a cut above the rest, and with a commitment to ongoing staff training which includes the latest in cleaning techniques and chemicals, as well as an attention to detail which includes the use of colour coded cleaning cloths which are regularly replaced. Considering all these facets, it is easy to understand why Extreme Clean is the foremost name in specialised cleaning services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Vaal region.

Why go anywhere else for cleaning services when Extreme Clean can provide a range of specialist cleaning services that will encompass virtually every aspect of your residential, commercial or industrial property!

Oct 21

The benefits of using a specialist contract cleaning company to maintain a healthy environment for your staff.

Paul Adams, founder of Extreme Clean contract cleaning services in the Johannesburg, Vaal and Cape Town regions provides a team of expertly trained staff that has raised the standard of specialised cleaning services since 2001 to such an exceptional level that Extreme Clean is now recognised as the number one contract cleaning company in South Africa.

There are no flies on this team who remain plugged in to the latest technological advances in the cleaning industry in order to provide a service which has earned Extreme Clean a loyal customer base which spreads across industrial, commercial and private properties, offering an unflagging attention to detail which keeps customers coming back.

Extreme Clean contractual cleaning services take the responsibility of issues associated with Labour, HR, cleaning chemicals, equipment and maintenance issues off your hands, leaving your staff to focus on their core roles in your business, in addition to which Extreme Clean provides you with a schedule you can rely on, ensuring that you need never experience issues with cleaning staff who do not arrive on schedule.

In order to facilitate the individual cleaning requirements for each business Extreme Clean will assist with tailor made solutions to cater to the individual needs of each business and offer a high level of commitment to provide hard working, highly incentivised and reliable staff that are each trained according to their specialised tasks.

With the professional and reliable contractual cleaning services offered by Extreme Clean, clients in the commercial and industrial sectors are relieved of the burden of ensuring that cleaning staff issues are firmly in place and can be relied on, including the assurance that there is a back up for when cleaning staff are on leave.

Maintaining the necessary equipment and cleaning materials to keep your environment clean and healthy is also taken off your hands as part of the contractual agreement with Extreme Clean, and with a trained supervisor on site to inspect each cleaning project, you can be assured of the highest standard in health and safety in terms of cleaning materials and equipment supplied by Extreme Clean.

Whether your company requirements are big or small, Extreme Clean will apply the same standard of service across the board with the assurance that nothing will be done in half measures by this team of highly valued professionals.

Oct 14

Get rid of harmful allergens, soil particles and fungus using the specialised carpet cleaning services provided by Extreme Clean.

The secret to extending the lifespan of your carpets and furniture well beyond the accepted norm is to schedule regular vacuuming and deep cleaning with a reputable company such as Extreme Clean, knowing that you can rely on committed service excellence every time.

The cleaning of carpets, lounge suites, mattresses, office furniture and loose rugs are all within the scope of specialist carpet and furniture cleaning services provided by Extreme Clean.  Using a highly effective steam cleaning method and only chemicals approved by the SABS, Extreme Clean will deep clean your carpets and the fabric of your furniture to effectively eliminate the build up of dirt and stains as well as get rid of dust mites.

Asthma sufferers and children are particularly affected by the presence of dust mites which are too tiny to be seen and it is important to recognise that vigorous cleaning will more often than not lead to an exacerbation of these symptoms.  This is when a specialist carpet cleaning technique such as the one used by Extreme Clean is called for.

Extreme Clean uses an Odorise Chemical which will leave your carpets and furniture smelling fresh and clean without taking days to dry, in fact once the Extreme Clean team has steam cleaned your carpets and furniture it will only take two to three hours to dry.  Extreme Clean Carpet and Furniture Cleaning services in the Johannesburg, Vaal and Cape Town regions provide you with a highly trained team of professionals who are trusted by many loyal clients to deliver a service which is always well above industry norms.

Carpets and furniture deteriorate when there is the presence of soil particles and fungus, which is a situation which can easily be prevented by contracting Extreme Clean to work with you in developing a tailor made maintenance strategy aimed at prolonging the life of your furniture, removing allergens and maintaining a healthy freshness in your home and commercial premises.

You can trust Extreme Clean Carpet and Furniture Cleaning to provide you with a highly trained team who are committed to using the latest in cleaning technology to bring a level of exceptional specialised cleaning services to the table backed by the number one cleaning service in South Africa.

Oct 07

Extreme Clean provides an unwavering standard of post occupational cleaning in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Post occupational cleaning can become a nightmare for landlords, estate agents and letting agents without a specialist cleaning service that can be relied on to provide a high standard of professionalism and service excellence that never has to be second-guessed. Extreme Clean has earned a reputation for providing such a high standard of service where it comes to post occupational cleaning in the Johannesburg, Vaal and Cape Town regions that they are recognised as the number one post occupational cleaning service available.

The use of specialist cleaning services for post occupational cleaning means that you will have a highly trained team dedicated to paying close attention to areas that are often overlooked by the average cleaning service, and with the thorough professionalism that the team from Extreme Clean displays you can be confident that any new tenants moving into your vacated premises will be impressed by the standard of cleanliness which greets them.

The highly incentivised compliment of staff from Extreme Clean are expertly trained in the latest cleaning methods and committed to maintaining a strict 72 point cleaning system that reaches into every nook and cranny of any commercial or private property that is being prepared for new tenants.

It is sad but true that many tenants vacating a private property, commercial or industrial property leave a visible mess behind as they move out, a mess which also hides a myriad of hidden threats to health such as dust mites and other pests, meanng that the property needs far more than a cursory surface clean.

What Extreme Clean does is to reach below the surface dirt to deep clean using specialised cleaning methods to clean out the smallest corners from top to bottom, leaving you with a clean, healthy and fresh result which will raise your reputation in the eyes of buyers or new tenants.

Contact Extreme Clean for post occupational cleaning services which stand head above shoulders from the rest and join their many satisfied clients who have relied on this team to provide an unwavering commitment to service excellence based on many years worth of valuable experience.  Visit the Extreme Clean website to view each of the 72 points which make up the impressive post occupational cleaning service offered by this team of professionals.

Sep 26

Reap the rewards of fewer sick days in the work place with specialist cleaning services from Extreme Clean.

With germs spreading around the workplace constantly, hiding in unexpected places and causing various levels of illness, and it is not just in office environments, warehouses, retail stores, and hotel as well as healthcare facilities, a high emphasis is placed on the need for trustworthy cleaning services to tackle all the areas that are unseen traps for germs.
Extreme Clean provides the latest in technologically advanced cleaning systems carried out by a team of highly trained staff who are committed to ensuring a germ free fresh environment for your employees, as well as contributing to the overall impression that is made on visitors to your premises.
Sick days cost business millions of Rands in loss of profits every year, as well as resulting in a 54% loss in productivity, making a specialist cleaning company such as Extreme Clean a great partner to have in reaping the rewards of fewer sick days. Our team at Extreme Clean receives ongoing training that equips them to tackle various issues such as the disinfecting surfaces and rest rooms as well as the specialised treatment of carpets which are the perfect breeding ground for germs.
Extreme Clean uses a special colour coded Microfiber cloth system in order to avoid cross contamination during cleaning, such as a blue cloth for cleaning wash basins and tiles or a red cloth for cleaning urinals and toilets, with cloths that are regularly replaced for your protection.
The team at Extreme Clean take no short cuts and even if they have to spend a bit more time than expected initially, they will only be satisfied when the job is properly done. With ongoing training and employee incentives for service excellence, we are proud of our team and their ability to rise to any challenges in order to produce the very best in specialised cleaning services.
For Extreme Clean there is no job too big or small, whether it is for the home, shopping mall, hospital or large corporate entity, our attention to detail remains the same. If you expect nothing less than the best please contact our team for once off or contractual cleaning services of the highest standard available in the industry.

Sep 19

Increase the lifespan of your furniture and carpets with the professionals at Extreme Clean.

Extreme Clean offers the highest level of professional and expert specialised cleaning services in Cape Town and Johannesburg, focussed on key areas of expertise such as contract cleaning, carpet and window cleaning as well as pest control, to name just a few of the top notch services we provide for homes and businesses, big and small.
With a staff trained in the latest specialist cleaning methods and equipment, you can rely on Extreme Clean to completely revitalise your home, commercial property, industrial premises and hospitals, among others, knowing that once our team leaves no germ or dust will be left behind. We make sure that nooks and crannies that are generally ignored by other cleaning services will be treated with the same vigorous attention as we do with the obvious breeding grounds for germs and dust accumulation.
Carpets and upholstered furniture for instance, require periodic deep cleaning due to accumulated dust, soil and grit, enabling destructive and harmful mites and bacteria to multiply unchecked. If you consider the replacement costs of furniture and carpets, the cost of regular specialist cleaning is minimal, making regular cleaning economically sound.
With the steam cleaning method used by Extreme Clean, we are able to clean carpets, lounge suites, lose rugs, mattresses and office furniture, and with the use of SABS approved chemicals, Extreme Clean will increase the lifespan of your carpets and furniture. The chemicals we use effectively eliminate all types of dirt, stains and dust mites, and with our Odorise Chemical your carpets and furniture will look good as well as smell fresh and clean.
The team at Extreme Clean will leave your premises clean and fresh at affordable prices, as well as saving you money on replacing carpets and furniture. Contact us to plan your cleaning schedule and we will provide you with service excellence second to none.

Sep 12

From restroom to boardroom, Extreme Clean has got you covered with specialist cleaning services.

Expensive assets such as carpets and hard floors, whether in your home or business deserve to be well looked after, and if you are not cleaning them regularly with the right products, scratch-free shiny floors and expensive carpets will become a thing of the past, resulting in expensive replacement that could easily be avoided by using a specialist cleaning service like Extreme Clean.
After many years in the cleaning industry, Paul Adams struck out on his own in 2001 to form the highly successful Extreme Clean, committed to changing the face of specialised cleaning with a commitment to a high level of staff training, the latest in cleaning technology and the use of only the highest grade of SABS approved chemicals. This commitment has led to consistent growth which has made Extreme Clean the market leader in specialist cleaning services.
Although Extreme Clean has experienced tremendous growth, each client is treated with the same service excellence that has gained the team many loyal and satisfied clients who have been happy to recommend our services on a continual basis through the years.
With a well trained staff who are highly incentivised, Extreme Clean have applied their knowledge and experience to provide commercial properties, estate agencies, renovated homes, hotels, shopping centres and factories with the best in specialised cleaning, either on a contractual or once off basis.
In addition to the above services, Extreme Clean provides expert specialist post occupational cleaning, pest control as well as furniture and carpet cleaning. Tiled and laminated floors are given new life using our specialised floor and tile cleaning services that will protect and prolong the life of your floors, reducing the need for costly replacement.
Let Extreme Clean be your first port of call, from Cape Town to Johannesburg and surrounding areas, when you are ready to call in a team of specialists who will effectively and efficiently prolong the life of your assets such as carpets, furniture and floors, ours is be the team to call.
Please give the friendly team at Extreme Clean a call and we will make sure that you are covered from the rest rooms to the boardroom!

Sep 05

Contact Extreme Clean to find the best specialist cleaning solutions for your home or business.

Since 2001, Extreme Clean has grown exponentially through a dedication to service excellence and valuable word of mouth recommendations from many clients who have experienced the specialised cleaning services offered by our team of experts, which has made our commitment to deliver cost effective cleaning solutions well worthwhile.
With an exceptionally high level of experience and professionalism, using the latest in cleaning techniques, Extreme Clean is proud of our ability to tackle any project, from large commercial or industrial businesses to private homes and smaller premises. Our cost effective specialist cleaning solutions are designed to meet individual specifications that are tailored to meet your budget perfectly.
In the case of commercial businesses that attract heavy foot traffic, it is not always possible to have cleaning services trailing through busy areas while you are conducting day to day business, but Extreme Clean recognises these stumbling blocks by providing our services on weekends, public holidays and after hours, depending on which option suits your company best in keeping a healthy, clean environment for staff and visitors to your premises.
Large malls and retail outlets place cleanliness high on their list of priorities, and Extreme Clean is able to provide solutions that will ensure an attractively clean environment that will keep consumers coming back; it is a known fact that most consumers will not return to any business that is disorganised, dirty and unhygienic. With our system of using colour coded cloths for various areas and surfaces to avoid cross contamination, you can trust that yours will be a business that will continue to attract clients who make all the difference to your bottom line.
Each member of the Extreme Clean staff is trained specifically according to their task, and with ongoing training, they are kept up to date with the latest in advanced cleaning methods, materials and chemicals. We use only SABS approved chemicals for your protection, and each cleaning team has a trained supervisor on hand to ensure that the highest standard of material and equipment is used to ensure the health and safety of your staff and customers.
Please feel free to visit our website to view the many specialised cleaning services Extreme Clean provides and contact our team to find the best specialist cleaning solutions for your home or business.

Aug 28

Put the sparkle back into your home, hotel or corporate offices with Extreme Clean.

With the latest cleaning techniques, using only SABS approved cleaning chemicals, Extreme Clean will clean your home, hotel, industrial as well as corporate offices with a well trained, expert contingent of staff.

Whether you are looking for a once off spring clean or an ongoing contract for our many varied cleaning services, Extreme Clean will offer you friendly service, at the best rates, from Johannesburg and the Vaal, to Cape Town and surrounding areas.

We offer carpet cleaning, window cleaning and pest control, to name just a few of our services. Our specialised cleaning service focuses on floors and tiles, which will ensure that your vinyl and slate tiles are treated with the utmost care.  We strip and polish vinyl floors, seal and polish slate tiles as well as scrub and clean all other tiles.

The flooring for any company, hotel, home and corporate business is an important investment meant to last for years, and is in some cases, a direct representation of the corporate image of the company.  Because of the huge outlay and investment in these floors they need to be cleaned regularly, and Extreme Clean will offer you the most professional treatments, using only the latest specialised cleaning solutions and the most up to date technology.

The staff at Extreme Clean put a lot of effort into these specialised cleaning services, as floors and tiles need a far more advance cleaning than just a regular wash, and our staff is constantly trained and kept updated on an ongoing basis for each area of their individual expertise.

Extreme Clean offers an advanced knowledge within the specialised cleaning service industry, taking the path less travelled by few other cleaning companies, as it is considered very high maintenance work, however, this has been the constant standard of workmanship and work ethic that has brought success, as well as keeping many clients satisfied with us after many years in the cleaning industry.

Contact us with your requirements and our friendly, expert staff will assist you in finding the perfect solution to suit your request.

Aug 21

Extreme Clean will take all your commercial and private cleaning services to the next level!

We know just how much financial investment, commitment and time it takes to create the highest standard in building a home, industrial building, hotel, shopping mall and commercial property, and to keep that high standard looking professional, as well as maintaining the good reputation you have worked hard to build, Extreme Clean has an expert, well developed cleaning solution to service all these various industries and properties with an expertise developed over many years.

People do notice the smallest of details and you will be surprised at how much of an impact a clean, well maintained environment has on your clients as well as your staff, and our team will work hard to protect and enhance your investment.

Your office environment, home or business facility, irrespective of size, will be cleaned in a time and cost effective manner on a regular basis with a high level of commitment to service excellence you can rely on time after time.

Regular and scheduled deep cleaning of your commercial carpets with our expert cleaning methods will eliminate the bacteria and odours that love to breed in carpets, and will also prolong the life of your carpets, and Extreme Clean will offer hard working commitment to keeping your carpets clean and smelling fresh.

Your tiled and laminated floors will look like new with our expert, specialised floor and tile cleaning services, designed to protect and prolong the life of your floors, we make sure that your investment in them keeps giving you the best returns. Keeping your home and business premises dust-free eliminates the build-up of clothing fibres, hair and skin flakes, as well as getting rid of harmful mould spores. Many types of furniture particularly attract dust and Extreme Clean will maintain a healthy environment, especially for people who suffer with allergies and asthma.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in either growing or lowering the image of your business, which makes it worthwhile and cost effective to invest in expert cleaning services so that your visitors and clients experience a welcoming and healthy atmosphere, from clean windows outside to a fresh, well maintained home and business premise on the inside.

Our team at Extreme Clean would like to be part of keeping your image bright and clean, as well as maintaining and highlighting the growth of your brand. We look forward to being of service to you!

Aug 14

Extreme Clean Services Johannesburg and Cape Town professionally.

Extreme Clean offers a full range of professional, up to date cleaning services in both Johannesburg and Cape Town, ensuring that we have you covered in both main centres.

From the Johannesburg region to the Vaal, as well as areas in the Free State, we operate within a 25km range of any of the centres listed on our website. In Cape Town, we offer our professional cleaning services from the Atlantic Seaboard, through the City Bowl, up the West Coast to Melkbosstrand, as well as the Northern and Southern Suburbs.

Extreme Clean is able to offer the highest standard of Contract Cleaning, Post Occupational Cleaning, Furniture and Carpet Cleaning, as well as Window Cleaning and Pest Control through our well trained staff, based on many years worth of experience since its start in 2001.

Founded by Paul Adams, after his own experiences through working in the cleaning industry, he created a vision of a company that has been committed to growing steadily, while maintaining the standard of delivering the best level of service despite its growth.

The compliment of staff at Extreme Clean is fully qualified to work in each of their various sectors, and constantly undergo training with regard to new products and techniques, in order to keep our many satisfied clients coming back. Our staff do not mind having to put the extra effort and time in to ensure that our customers are fully satisfied, as their level of service excellence is well rewarded on an incentivised basis.  We believe that well trained, well equipped and happy staff is the key to our success.

Considering our bigger clients such as Anglo American, Tsogo Sun, Redefine Properties and Chas Everitt, to name just a few, you can rest assured that whether you engage us on for professional cleaning, whether on a contractual or once off basis, we will offer tailor-made solutions to meet your requirements and expectations.

Give our expert and friendly team a call today, or contact us via our website, and find out for yourself just how high our standards are when it comes to offering a wide range of extreme cleaning services, all with SABS approved chemicals!

Aug 07

Comprehensive cleaning services with the name you can trust in the professional cleaning industry.

Comprehensive cleaning services with the name you can trust in the professional cleaning industry.
Since its beginning in 2001, with Paul Adams at the helm, Extreme Clean has been a fully customer focussed business, offering the most comprehensive and specialised cleaning services in Johannesburg and Cape Town as well as the outlying areas around these main centres.

Our extensive knowledge and experience is applied to the cleaning of prestigious commercial properties, newly renovated homes, estate agencies, factories and shopping centres, no project is too big or too small for us.

Taking a tour through our website, where you will be able to view everything there is to know about Extreme Clean services, as well as the specific areas we service situated throughout South Africa.

The most cost effective way to ensure that your premises are kept clear of bacteria and viruses that build up in high traffic areas and large business premises on a regular basis, is to retain the services of a professional company like Extreme Clean, which will also ensure that you are well within any local legal standards of providing your staff and customers with a pleasant and safe work environment.

Our recognition of the importance of health and safety is evident not only in the ongoing training our staff receives, but also in using colour coded Microfiber cloth systems. As an example, a red cloth is used to clean urinals and toilets, and a blue cloth is used for wash basin and tiles, thereby avoiding any cross contamination in the cleaning process. Added to this, our cloths are regularly replaced, making sure that no old and scruffy cloths are used in the cleaning process.

Extreme Clean is willing and able to meet the challenge and exceed your expectations for a top notch professional cleaning service, no matter what your individual property needs may be. We will offer you tailor-made services with a friendly and committed attitude, aimed at providing you with the most cost effective contractual cleaning service available in South Africa.

Jul 31


From the planning stages of any construction or renovation, to final completion of the project, whether on a large or small scale, we all know the many challenges involved, and the final clearing up of the mess left at the end of it all.  Once the rubble has been cleared off site, and before you can break out the champagne to celebrate your fully completed project, you will need a company you can rely on to deliver the best possible solutions to do a thorough, professional final clean up, tailored to suit your budget.

Extreme Clean offers expert and reliable cleaning services in this post- renovation cleanup. Because of the fine dust and particles that accumulate in hard to reach areas, just a quick, surface clean will not be enough to ensure that these areas are reached and cleaned effectively, however, we offer the highest standard of service that will leave renovations and new buildings looking brand, spanking new.

The size of the area that needs this form of specialised cleaning is not important; we will tackle the task, big or small, and get the cleaning done as quickly as possible, while ensuring that it is done effectively in the process.

Whether you have renovated a small area in your home, or are involved in building construction, from commercial to residential properties, post- construction cleaning can be a nightmare if you do not choose an experienced, reputable company like Extreme Cleaning.

We have maintained a high standard of service by keeping up to date with the latest in cleaning technology and systems, as well as having an advanced knowledge of the cleaning industry as a whole, and, after many years in the cleaning industry, along with many satisfied customers, we can guarantee that your post-construction, or post-renovation mess will be cleaned up with far more than just a quick wipe!

Jul 24


If you have been left in the lurch too many times by unreliable staff, perhaps it is time to consider a move towards a cleaning company like Extreme Clean, where you can rely on our reputable, reliable services to get the job done with a minimum of fuss and maximum input! Our client base speaks for itself if you would like to view same on our website.

Whether as a once off cleaning job or choosing to work with us on a contractual basis, Extreme Clean really does offer an all-in-one cleaning solution to any size area that is far more cost effective than employing different companies to focus on specialised areas.

We service residential, corporate premises and holiday accommodation, and will leave your windows sparkling, your tiles revitalised and carpets fresh and clean. Why engage the services of several different companies when you can get it all from one, well respected company?

Estate agents, letting agents and landlords all have a few horror stories about the mess left by some tenants. Avoid delays and ineffective or unreliable cleaning services or staff and choose a company with a good, long standing reputation like Extreme Cleaning with good references.

If you are the owner of a guest house, or you manage holiday accommodation, you will know that staff not turning up throw your plans into disarray, making it doubly attractive to have a reliable, reputable company such as ours take over the logistics for you and produce expected results, on time.

As we all know, time is money, and this is where we will ensure that you will not be faced with unnecessary delays between vacating tenants, or guests, and new arrivals, giving you the peace of mind to know that any transition will be a smooth one.

Each home and business will have different cleaning requirements, and Extreme Clean, with our highly incentivised and friendly staff, is expertly geared to adjust and tailor your cleaning solutions perfectly.

Jul 17


Working in a clean environment promotes staff health and levels of productivity, which means less absenteeism, which is what happens when people work in a ‘sick’ building.

Sick days cost businesses millions of Rand’s a year and a huge loss in productivity, which makes the use of a specialised cleaning company like Extreme Clean a real cost benefit. We will keep your work environment clean, your employees healthy and you get to reap the rewards of improved productivity.

Keeping your office clean and as germ free as possible means tackling surfaces, floors, carpets and all other areas where germs love to multiply, and we have the expertise to offer you the perfect solution to suit all your requirements.
A dirty office is going to affect morale, and nothing lifts morale and energy like walking into a work area that is spotless and fresh, reflecting an appreciation for the employee’s workplace.

No matter what size your commercial or industrial business is, we will tackle your requirements. Our reputation is built on providing the best solutions for any cleaning project. Some businesses require our services on weekends, public holidays or after hours and we will adjust to meet your specifications.

Extreme Clean trains each staff member according to their tasks, and we constantly keep up to date with advanced cleaning materials, chemicals and the best cost effective solutions available.

We avoid cross contamination of germs by using a strict colour coded method with our cleaning cloths, which is strictly adhered to and then checked by a trained supervisor, always keeping health and safety at the top of the checklist in terms of cleaning material and equipment.

Besides keeping your employees healthy, your business is built on reputation, and, good first impressions do have a noticeable impact. A clean, orderly space is inviting to your visitors, which only serves to create a positive response, and, hiring a professional company such as ours is a great way to make that best first impression.

Jul 05

The Benefits of Contract Cleaning Services


If you are running a business, you need to keep the premises clean, but what is the best way to do it? Enlisting the services of an expert contract cleaning provider is a great way of achieving excellent levels of cleaning at affordable rates. It also reduces the need for in-house training and expensive permanent cleaning staff. At Extreme Clean we can offer you proven and reliable contract cleaning solutions which we know you will be happy with.

We can attend to any size of premises and tailor our contract cleaning service to your particular needs. We provide highly skilled service providers who are expert in their particular area and attend to every aspect of the clean as required. We use only safe and certified chemicals and our service complies with accepted health and safety requirements. We ensure that you are given the treatment you deserve. We can arrange any contract for any time, and as Extreme Clean have extremely sensible rates you get a great affordable service from a reputable provider.

Extreme Clean offers not only contract cleaning solutions but also a range of other services, including tile, flooring, carpets, upholstery cleaning and even some areas of pest control. We cover all areas of Johannesburg and Cape Town and the areas surrounding those cities. Our highly trained cleaners will provide a friendly and professional service and each team is overseen by an experienced supervisor. We believe the many testimonials on our website will convince you that Extreme Clean is the team you need. Check out the website now for further information, or get in touch and we’ll be more than happy to help.

Jul 02

Specialist Cleaning Services at Excellent Rates

There are some areas of cleaning a home or business premises that require a little more attention, it is no surprise that they often involve flooring and tiles. Floors of all types take a lot of wear due to constant use and tiles can become tired and worn. These require specialised cleaning solutions which we, at Extreme Clean have the expertise and experience to deliver the perfect results, no matter the size of the job. We work with businesses and homeowners in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town and have many satisfied customers.

At Extreme Clean we can offer you services in stripping, polishing and deep cleaning of tiles and floors of all kinds, and we are confident you will be very impressed with the results. This is not work that you can carry out yourself as it involves particular techniques which our team of experts know exactly what to do and what equipment to use. We are more than happy to listen to any unusual requests you may have and will take a look at the work you need doing and provide you with a competitive and free quotation.

We are experts at all types of flooring, so no matter what you have, we can help. We can also offer expert carpet and upholstery services, so please feel free to contact us if you have any particular cleaning needs. At Extreme Clean we take great pride in a reputation for great service at sensible prices, so you need not worry as we believe in quality results and value for money. We’re here to help however we can, so why not get in touch via the website, or take a closer look at what we have to offer and request a quote from the best cleaning company around.




Jun 25

Cleaning Services Johannesburg and Cape Town

There are many reasons why you may need the services of a professional cleaning service whether you are a homeowner or a business, it pays to find a reputable service provider. This not only guarantees you get the results you need, but also that they will use the correct methods and equipment every time. For customers in Johannesburg and Cape Town this means talking to Extreme Clean, a company with a reputation for excellent, friendly service and great results. We invite you to check out our website, and see just what we can help you with.

Extreme Clean can help with everything from contract cleaning to carpets and upholstery cleaning, and do so with a professional attitude at all times. They have a team of expert cleaners who will attend to all your requirements, who have the latest equipment and methods. All of the chemicals they use are certified safe, and they have many satisfied clients who have already used their services successfully so far. Covering all areas of Johannesburg and the Vaal Triangle, Extreme Clean are the people you need to talk to when looking for expert services in home and business cleaning.

You may need cleaners for a pre occupation clean up, or want to clean you house thoroughly when you are moving on; whatever you need, the experts at Extreme Clean can give you the results you need, and with satisfied clients already, you are sure of the best results. We can handle tile cleaning too, an area that sometimes needs special attention, and are more than happy to discuss any special requirements you may have. Bear in mind that we are also pest control experts, so get in touch with Extreme Clean right now, or visit our website to find out more about our range of services.


Apr 14

Pre/Post Occupational Cleaning

Have you ever moved into your new home and expected it to be clean…and it is anything but clean. So often people plan with removal companies, agents, tenants, etc  and  expect that everything will run smoothly! Moving day arrives and the new home owner/tenant opens the front door and now only realizes that the house is in a total mess. Dirty windows, dirty oven, dirty carpets, left behind refuse..and the list goes on.

This has happened to almost everyone when moving into a new home. So the big question is how to avoid this from happening to you.

Let’s be honest no one wants to move into a home that is not clean and no one has the time, or even wants to, clean up other peoples mess before they move in. So find a cleaning company that meets with your cleaning requirements. So many cleaning companies out there bring in a cleaning crew and are “finished in an hour or two”. When you move into a home you want…carpets professionally cleaned, windows and window tracking’s cleaned, light fittings, oven, floors, skirting’s, etc. cleaned. This, if properly done, should take a full day. So when having  pre/post occupational cleaning done ensure to set aside a full day for this. Irrespective of how big or small the new home is you move into, cleaning takes time.

What can happen

What can happen

What should happen

What should happen

When selecting a cleaning company ensure to get references’. A perfect example of a good reference would be letting agents as they use cleaning companies on a regular basis.

Each home is different so therefor needs different cleaning requirements. Ensure the company you choose can meet with these requirements. Some companies will clean your house, however they may not clean carpets. So try and choose a one company that can do everything as opposed to two or three companies as this would become rather expensive.

Choosing a cleaning company that is the cheapest is not necessarily the best option. Many people make the mistake of comparing what they would pay their domestic cleaner  to what they would pay a cleaning company. In reality they can’t be compared. Your domestic cleaner will generally do the surface cleaning that is required on a day to day basis. Professional cleaning companies will have cleaners with different skill sets.i.e window cleaners, carpet cleaners, tile cleaners, etc. It is unfair to expect your own general cleaner to fulfil all these tasks successfully. Cleaning companies will also have specialized equipment and chemicals when performing these tasks. In addition they will also have supervision to ensure this is done correctly. A pre and post cleaning inspection should also be conducted by the company to ensure the customer understands and is satisfied with the work that is done. All this will cost more money than just sending your regular domestic cleaner  to do the cleaning.

If you want to move into a professionally cleaned home then one should budget accordingly.


Jan 05

How Carpet Cleaning Can Banish Bed Bugs and Bad Smells

If you live in a dwelling with doors and windows, have pets or children and walk on your carpets odds are you need some carpet cleaning. Whether you choose to tackle the task of carpet cleaning yourself or wish to make use of the services of a carpet cleaning company, there are some basic things you need to know about your carpets and the importance of carpet cleaning.

Dogs, cats, small children, spouses and friends all contribute to some form of dirt on your carpets – carpet cleaning takes care of that. Dirt, dust, mould, dust mites and other critters such as cockroaches thrive on dirty carpets. Carpet cleaning aims to remove these hazardous elements to keep your home clean and safe.

carpet-cleaning 1Types Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can be divided into two main types of carpet cleaning methods: steam carpet cleaning and carbonated carpet cleaning substances. The main difference between these two carpet cleaning methods is that steam carpet cleaning makes use of high pressure hot water being sprayed onto the carpets (along with soap and deodorisers) and then sucked out again. Carbonated carpet cleaning substances use much less water and does not require soap. If you choose to make use of steam carpet cleaning, you will need to allow at least a day for your carpets to dry. Carbonated carpet cleaning substances do not require a drying period. A possible danger of steam carpet cleaning is that water remains deep inside your carpets, leading to mould and a damp smell.

If you choose to take on the task of carpet cleaning yourself, you will need some basic products. Carpet cleaning shampoos, carpet cleaning spot removers, carpet cleaning pet odour remover, carpet cleaning deodorisers and carpet cleaning grease/oil removers. These products are dependent on your specific requirements for carpet cleaning. If you are a pet owner, you will greatly gain from pet stain and odour carpet cleaning products. These products will help you to get rid of the unfortunate odours that accompany your furry friends.  In any case, however, you will require carpet cleaning shampoo and carpet cleaning deodoriser. Along with these products, it is also helpful to have a specialised carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner.

Many carpet cleaning companies enable you to hire a carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner, allowing you to clean your home without spending a fortune. If you choose to buy your own carpet cleaning vacuum cleaner there are many different options out there – from carpet cleaning vacuum cleaners that focus on pet hairs to carpet cleaning vacuum cleaners that get rid of allergy-causing substances in your home. If neither of these options tickle your fancy, you can also make use of professional carpet cleaning services.


If you choose to enlist the service of a professional carpet cleaning company, they will visit your home to evaluate the necessary action that needs to be taken to ensure your carpet cleaning experience is a satisfying one. Prior to the carpet cleaning company visiting your home, it is preferred that you move most of your furniture away from the carpets. This will avoid any damage to your valuables during the carpet cleaning process.

carpet-cleaning 2The Importance Of Carpet Cleaning

Carpet cleaning is essential in any home. Allergies are caused by mould, dust, pollen and dust mites. Maybe your children constantly complain of hayfever. Perhaps you’ve noticed fleas around your home. Or maybe you can’t quite get rid of the smell hanging around your lounge. Whatever your reason for needing a good carpet cleaning, don’t leave it to chance.

Ensure that whatever method of carpet cleaning you choose addresses the specific issues you have. There are also many ways to save money when cleaning your carpets – there are many household items such as vinegar that you can use to remove odours and stains from your carpets. If you enlist the services of a professional carpet cleaning company, ensure they are reliable and experienced. There are few things worse than handing over your prized possessions, only to see it being ruined by inexperience and incompetence.

Carpet cleaning need not be limited to your carpets. It is a good idea, when cleaning your carpets, to extend the cleaning to your drapes, area rugs, mattresses, pillows and bedding. This will ensure that whatever is lurking in your carpets doesn’t continue to thrive in your home. It is a good idea to clean your carpets and other vulnerable items once a year, to ensure you keep any bad allergens and bacteria at bay.

Nov 11

Cleaning Services Cape Town – Creating Organic Cleaning Products at Home


cleaning services cape townCleaning Services Cape TownCreating Organic Products at Home

Probably everyone knows this famous phrase: “Cleanliness guarantees well-being”. It is the main condition of comfort and pleasant family pastime. However cleanliness is necessary not only from the aesthetics point of view but also as a necessary component of healthy life. Maintenance of sanitation and hygiene as well as keeping the house, implements and clothing clean allows to minimize the number of infection sources that can become a cause of health problems.

To help maintain cleanliness modern stores provide a whole range of synthetic cleaning liquors. But all of them contain surface active agents, phosphates, automatizes, dye, enzymes, preservatives – in one word the whole bunch of actively acting chemical substances. The producers of such chemistry skilfully attract buyers’ attention to the effectiveness, convenience and the quickness of getting seen result but prefer not to speak about the safety issues connected with the use of these liquors. The use of household chemical goods is not as safe as it seems.

The thing with cleaning services is that when using chemical washing liquids it is difficult to wash them of (for example, when washing dishes). To remove them completely it is necessary to wash the dishes with a great amount of water many times during long periods of time. But even this doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to get rid of washing liquids completely. “Chemistry” still remains on its surface and gets inside human body where it can accumulate and later lead to various diseases. All this applies to washing tiles, windows, floors, generally all surfaces. Even in this case chemical substances get into a body – a person simply inhales them during their evaporation. Chemical attack on the immune system cause its weakening as well as various allergic reactions. Child’s body is especially vulnerable in this case.

To “unload” the space in your house from chemicals you can try to make your own washing liquors.  In this article we propose you simple recipes of such liquors that you will be able to make easily on your own without fear that they will harm your health and the health of your children.

Cleaning Services – For dish washing:

– a piece of soap (would be good to use children’s soap)

– 2 cups of hot water (250 ml)

– half a pack of soda

– few drops of any oil that smells good

Grate soap. Pour a glass of hot water there and achieve its complete dissolution (for better dissolution use microwave or steam bath). Whisk. Pour half a pack soda there and whisk again.  Finally add oil to make it smell good. You get universal paste suitable for cooking and washing dishes.

Another recipe:

– a piece of soap

-2 cups of hot water

– 1 tablespoon of alcohol or 2-3 tablespoons of vodka

– 4-5 tablespoons of glycerin

– lemon juice (from 1 lemon)

Proceed with soap as in the previous recipe. After complete dissolution of soap add alcohol or vodka and mix thoroughly. Then add lemon juice. Pour the liquid in a bottle suitable for washing liquors. The liquid is absolutely harmless, eco-friendly and protects skin from drying (because of glycerol). Experienced housewives and cleaning services companies have long known such eco-friendly helpers as dry mustard powder and soda.

To de-grease dishes and make them shine prepare a mixture from these 2 components:

– dry mustard – 3 parts

– baking soda – 1 part

Mix ingredients in ratio 1:3. Place the mixture in a jar with holes. The mixture de-greases fine, has antibacterial qualities and perfectly neutralizes odours.

Of course you’ll have to use more substances that you would if using their chemical analogies. But these substances are cheaper, safe and therefore they become the best options for caring housewives.


cleaning servicesCleaning Services – For washing windows and glass products:


– 1 liter warm water

– vinegar (6%, 9%) – 1/4  cup (or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice)


– Water 3 cups

– borax – 2 tablespoons


– water 1 cup

– Isopropyl alcohol 1/4 cup

– vinegar (6%, 9%) – 1 tablespoon

Any of these mixtures should be poured into a spray bottle. Use them when cleaning windows, wiping them later with a clean dry paper or cloth that doesn’t leave anything on the glass surface. It is better not to wash windows when the Sun is very bright.

Wash dishes in water with vinegar since vinegar de-greases well and make dishes shine.

Many housewives don’t like the smell of vinegar so to flavor it you can add orange peels. Then tightly close vinegar with orange peels and leave them for 2 weeks in a dark place shaking the liquid periodically. After all this procession use vinegar in half with water to wash tiles, windows, tables, etc.

Cleaning Services – For disinfection:

Almost all components used in home-made washing liquors have some antiseptic properties. For example, vinegar borax, lemon juice, mustard, soap – they all suppress pathogens. 5% vinegar works well if poured into a spray bottle and used to on tiles, toilets, cabinet drawers, etc. Furthermore vinegar can kill molds (with an efficiency of 85 %). Borax is another substance that help to kill germs. To prepare a mixture you need to mix 1/4 cup of borax powder with 1,5-2 liters of water and then shake it well.

Another great antiseptic is 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can disinfect any surface. In addition it has a specific odor.

To kill molds you can use tea tree oil. Dissolve 2 teaspoons of this oil in 0.5 liters of water, shake it well and pour in a spray bottle. Then treat the affected by mold space using the mixture.

All of the recipes in the article are very simple, easy and not expensive to make at home. You should also think about using them as a tool for creating a healthy environment in your house. In any case don’t be too zealous in using chemical substances. It definitely doesn’t worth it. Common sense and a sense of proportion should always be on the first place.

If it is cleaning services cape town that you need contact Extreme Clean today for a no compromise quality services that will make you smile.