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cleaning services cape townCleaning Services Cape TownCreating Organic Products at Home

Probably everyone knows this famous phrase: “Cleanliness guarantees well-being”. It is the main condition of comfort and pleasant family pastime. However cleanliness is necessary not only from the aesthetics point of view but also as a necessary component of healthy life. Maintenance of sanitation and hygiene as well as keeping the house, implements and clothing clean allows to minimize the number of infection sources that can become a cause of health problems.

To help maintain cleanliness modern stores provide a whole range of synthetic cleaning liquors. But all of them contain surface active agents, phosphates, automatizes, dye, enzymes, preservatives – in one word the whole bunch of actively acting chemical substances. The producers of such chemistry skilfully attract buyers’ attention to the effectiveness, convenience and the quickness of getting seen result but prefer not to speak about the safety issues connected with the use of these liquors. The use of household chemical goods is not as safe as it seems.

The thing with cleaning services is that when using chemical washing liquids it is difficult to wash them of (for example, when washing dishes). To remove them completely it is necessary to wash the dishes with a great amount of water many times during long periods of time. But even this doesn’t guarantee that you will be able to get rid of washing liquids completely. “Chemistry” still remains on its surface and gets inside human body where it can accumulate and later lead to various diseases. All this applies to washing tiles, windows, floors, generally all surfaces. Even in this case chemical substances get into a body – a person simply inhales them during their evaporation. Chemical attack on the immune system cause its weakening as well as various allergic reactions. Child’s body is especially vulnerable in this case.

To “unload” the space in your house from chemicals you can try to make your own washing liquors.  In this article we propose you simple recipes of such liquors that you will be able to make easily on your own without fear that they will harm your health and the health of your children.

Cleaning Services – For dish washing:

– a piece of soap (would be good to use children’s soap)

– 2 cups of hot water (250 ml)

– half a pack of soda

– few drops of any oil that smells good

Grate soap. Pour a glass of hot water there and achieve its complete dissolution (for better dissolution use microwave or steam bath). Whisk. Pour half a pack soda there and whisk again.  Finally add oil to make it smell good. You get universal paste suitable for cooking and washing dishes.

Another recipe:

– a piece of soap

-2 cups of hot water

– 1 tablespoon of alcohol or 2-3 tablespoons of vodka

– 4-5 tablespoons of glycerin

– lemon juice (from 1 lemon)

Proceed with soap as in the previous recipe. After complete dissolution of soap add alcohol or vodka and mix thoroughly. Then add lemon juice. Pour the liquid in a bottle suitable for washing liquors. The liquid is absolutely harmless, eco-friendly and protects skin from drying (because of glycerol). Experienced housewives and cleaning services companies have long known such eco-friendly helpers as dry mustard powder and soda.

To de-grease dishes and make them shine prepare a mixture from these 2 components:

– dry mustard – 3 parts

– baking soda – 1 part

Mix ingredients in ratio 1:3. Place the mixture in a jar with holes. The mixture de-greases fine, has antibacterial qualities and perfectly neutralizes odours.

Of course you’ll have to use more substances that you would if using their chemical analogies. But these substances are cheaper, safe and therefore they become the best options for caring housewives.


cleaning servicesCleaning Services – For washing windows and glass products:


– 1 liter warm water

– vinegar (6%, 9%) – 1/4  cup (or 2 tablespoons of lemon juice)


– Water 3 cups

– borax – 2 tablespoons


– water 1 cup

– Isopropyl alcohol 1/4 cup

– vinegar (6%, 9%) – 1 tablespoon

Any of these mixtures should be poured into a spray bottle. Use them when cleaning windows, wiping them later with a clean dry paper or cloth that doesn’t leave anything on the glass surface. It is better not to wash windows when the Sun is very bright.

Wash dishes in water with vinegar since vinegar de-greases well and make dishes shine.

Many housewives don’t like the smell of vinegar so to flavor it you can add orange peels. Then tightly close vinegar with orange peels and leave them for 2 weeks in a dark place shaking the liquid periodically. After all this procession use vinegar in half with water to wash tiles, windows, tables, etc.

Cleaning Services – For disinfection:

Almost all components used in home-made washing liquors have some antiseptic properties. For example, vinegar borax, lemon juice, mustard, soap – they all suppress pathogens. 5% vinegar works well if poured into a spray bottle and used to on tiles, toilets, cabinet drawers, etc. Furthermore vinegar can kill molds (with an efficiency of 85 %). Borax is another substance that help to kill germs. To prepare a mixture you need to mix 1/4 cup of borax powder with 1,5-2 liters of water and then shake it well.

Another great antiseptic is 3% hydrogen peroxide, which can disinfect any surface. In addition it has a specific odor.

To kill molds you can use tea tree oil. Dissolve 2 teaspoons of this oil in 0.5 liters of water, shake it well and pour in a spray bottle. Then treat the affected by mold space using the mixture.

All of the recipes in the article are very simple, easy and not expensive to make at home. You should also think about using them as a tool for creating a healthy environment in your house. In any case don’t be too zealous in using chemical substances. It definitely doesn’t worth it. Common sense and a sense of proportion should always be on the first place.

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