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Since 2001, Extreme Clean has grown exponentially through a dedication to service excellence and valuable word of mouth recommendations from many clients who have experienced the specialised cleaning services offered by our team of experts, which has made our commitment to deliver cost effective cleaning solutions well worthwhile.
With an exceptionally high level of experience and professionalism, using the latest in cleaning techniques, Extreme Clean is proud of our ability to tackle any project, from large commercial or industrial businesses to private homes and smaller premises. Our cost effective specialist cleaning solutions are designed to meet individual specifications that are tailored to meet your budget perfectly.
In the case of commercial businesses that attract heavy foot traffic, it is not always possible to have cleaning services trailing through busy areas while you are conducting day to day business, but Extreme Clean recognises these stumbling blocks by providing our services on weekends, public holidays and after hours, depending on which option suits your company best in keeping a healthy, clean environment for staff and visitors to your premises.
Large malls and retail outlets place cleanliness high on their list of priorities, and Extreme Clean is able to provide solutions that will ensure an attractively clean environment that will keep consumers coming back; it is a known fact that most consumers will not return to any business that is disorganised, dirty and unhygienic. With our system of using colour coded cloths for various areas and surfaces to avoid cross contamination, you can trust that yours will be a business that will continue to attract clients who make all the difference to your bottom line.
Each member of the Extreme Clean staff is trained specifically according to their task, and with ongoing training, they are kept up to date with the latest in advanced cleaning methods, materials and chemicals. We use only SABS approved chemicals for your protection, and each cleaning team has a trained supervisor on hand to ensure that the highest standard of material and equipment is used to ensure the health and safety of your staff and customers.
Please feel free to visit our website to view the many specialised cleaning services Extreme Clean provides and contact our team to find the best specialist cleaning solutions for your home or business.

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