An effective pest control maintenance plan is essential to the success of any restauranteur.

For owner or manager of an establishment that prepares and serves food, pest control should be at the top of the list of risk factors that could influence the success or failure of a restaurant or food outlet.

Having a good pest management system in place is essential, not only to address health issues, but to remain fully compliant with the Department of Health legislations, HACCP and municipal regulations in order to avoid the closure of your business, which would result in irreparable damage to your reputation and make coming back virtually impossible.

Having a professional and experienced team like Extreme Clean bring in their Pest Control Division to inspect your premises is your first step towards putting in place high quality preventative and maintenance plans.  It is also essential to schedule of regular inspections with Extreme Clean in order to keep any pest infestations at bay.

Restaurants are unfortunately very attractive to pests like cockroaches, rats and flies; the warmth, food and shelter offered by your kitchen gives them a perfect haven, and no matter how good your waste management system is, or how high the standards of hygiene are in your restaurant, there is always a rat or cockroach that can slip in as a hitchhiker from any delivery to your premises.

Because the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division has been taking care of businesses and homes in Cape Town and Johannesburg for ten years already, they have the experience to ensure that pest control measures used by this team are effective against pests without posing a threat to food safety.

You will have put immense expense and effort into creating a successful eatery, and to watch it go up in smoke because one cockroach or mouse stuck its head out at a health inspector would be devastating on every level!

Contact Extreme Clean to set up an inspection with their Pest Control Division and protect the future of your business with an effective, professional management plan that is guaranteed to help you maintain an exceptionally high standard of pest control!

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