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Are you tired of spending your weekends cleaning your home or office in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town? Let our professional cleaning services take care of the dirty work for you. We use top-notch cleaning products and techniques to ensure your space is spotless and hygienic. Say goodbye to dirt and grime and hello to a clean and fresh environment.

We Specialise in Cleaning!

Post-Occupation Cleaning

Post-Construction Cleaning

Post-Renovation Cleaning

Advanced Tile & Floor Cleaning

Polishing & Stripping of vinyl floors

Polishing & Sealing of vinyl tiles

Scrubbing & Cleaning of tiles

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Our Services: What We Offer


Our expert cleaning services in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town offer a range of options to suit your needs. Whether you need a one-time deep clean or regular weekly or monthly cleaning, we’ve got you covered. Our services include dusting, vacuuming, mopping, bathroom and kitchen cleaning, and more. We also offer specialized services such as carpet cleaning, pest control and window washing. Contact us today to schedule your cleaning appointment and experience the difference of a spotless and hygienic space.


Post Occupation Cleaning


This is a misunderstood term. Most people think when they vacate a home or business, they just call a “domestic worker” to clean up. So, if you want to ensure you get your deposit back… this is what we specialise in.


Our Process: How We Clean

At our cleaning company in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, we follow a thorough process to ensure that your space is cleaned to the highest standards. First, we assess the space and determine the best cleaning methods and products to use. Then, we start with a deep clean, which includes dusting, vacuuming, and wiping down surfaces.

We pay special attention to high-touch areas, such as doorknobs and light switches, to ensure that they are germ-free. Finally, we do a final inspection to make sure that everything is spotless before we leave. Trust us to provide expert cleaning services for your home or office.


The size of your home/business will largely depend on the size of the cleaning team required. So, if it is a small flat, often only a small crew is required. If you have a very large home or office space, then a bigger cleaning team will be sent to site. An on-site supervisor is provided with each of our cleaning teams (big or small), so you don’t need to be there. That is our job.

Typical cleaning requirements would be window cleaning, cleaning window frames and tracks, oven cleaning, floor cleaning, cleaning of lights, etc. We have a full post occupational cleaning schedule on our website. This can often take a full day to complete.


Post Construction Cleaning

When moving into a new home, contractors can be extremely messy. Cleaning after a new or renovated home project is very intensive work, and often takes two days to complete. We offer a free on-site inspection to see what is required. This includes removing cement from floor areas and widow tracks and intensive window cleaning. As there is always a lot of dust throughout the premises, we do what is called “bulk cleaning” on day one. Here, we will go through your premises and remove all the debris and dust, as well as mop the floors several times. Day two is then a more detailed clean, where we get into all the nooks and crannies, which is so often not cleaned. If you are moving into a new home or premises, get your cleaning done professionally the first time!

Advanced floor cleaning

Most often, your workplace or your home will simply be mopped by a regular cleaning crew. Whilst this is a good for day to day cleaning, your floors still need a deep clean at least once a year to keep them in good condition. Over time dirt builds up on tiles, especially in the grouting, so we use a Specialised Scrubbing Machine to get that deep clean that leaves your home or business feeling spotless!

Floor Polishing

Depending on the type of flooring you have, you should consider polishing. Generally, it is wooden floors that would require this, and this not only protects the wood, but gives it a beautiful shine as well. This would not suitable for all floor surfaces, however, we are here to advise you on the correct polishing/cleaning methods that you require for your home or business.

Stripping & Sealing of floors

Whilst the most common floor to get treated with this method is “old vinyl”, other tiles can benefit from this as well. Over time sealants wear off and the floor needs to be resealed. To do this, a very deep clean of the floor is required. We call this – the stripping process. This cleans all of all the old sealant and dirt until we have the bare tile left. We then layer the floor with multiple layers of sealant, buffing each layer as we go. This gives the floor a gorgeous high gloss finish, which is typically seen in hospitals, churches, and office areas.

Our Guarantee: Satisfaction is Guaranteed.

At our cleaning company in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town, we take pride in our work and strive to provide the best possible service to our clients. That’s why we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If for any reason you are not completely satisfied with our cleaning services, we will work with you to make it right. Our goal is to exceed your expectations and leave your space spotless and hygienic every time. Trust us to provide expert cleaning services for your home or office in the Northern Suburbs of Cape Town.


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Tons and tons of thanks for the much needed help.

Your staff were efficient and they are well trained… well done!!!

SM Pritchard

Thank you so much for the workmanship done on Saturday, I was completely overwhelmed this morning when I entered the 3 areas, and have been asked by the staff if we changed the flooring he he he.

Superb job indeed.

Teresa Brooks