Choose leaders in the pest control industry for Pet Friendly Pest Control Cape Town !

Extreme Clean provides a Pest Control service that is pet-friendly and eco-friendly.

Extreme Clean has been providing eco-friendly pest eradication services since 2006. We have than 20 years of experience under our belts and are equipped and excited to serve you.


Pet-friendly pest control Cape Town

If you’re having pest problems that include flying insects, crawling insects, mice, roof rats and other pests, but you are worried about using toxic chemicals… we have good news!


Extreme Clean offers pest control methods that give pet owners peace of mind.

We can solve your pest problem and get rid of harmful pests within a few days, not to mention the added benefits of ensuring your pets, other animals and your family are safe.

For pet owners, this means being able to enjoy a safe and pest-free environment, without having to worry about any potential harm coming to their pet.

With Pet-Friendly Pest Control it’s easy for pet owners to be free of harmful insects such as cockroaches, flies, fleas, mosquitoes, wasps and even rats!


We offer pet-friendly pest control that pet owners can completely rely on.

When pet owners contract our service, they don’t have to worry about their pet coming into contact with harsh chemicals or poisons as we use safe and efficient methods which are approved by the department of agriculture in South Africa. This means it is also safe for children.


All of our Pest control officers have undergone rigorous onsite training.

We also receive up-to-date feedback from The South African Pest Control Association and meet on a regular basis to discuss any new methods or old methods that may not work, all of this with safety being the top priority.

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Eco Friendly pest control

We know how to control insects in and eco friendly way and care about keeping your environment safe!

We offer our clients eco friendly pest control services.

– Eco-friendly pest control for your house and business in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Vaal Triangle


– Pet friendly methods which are approved by the department of agriculture in South Africa


– Benefits to pet owners knowing their pets will be safe against primary and secondary poisoning


– No strong scent that lingers


In the hands of a trained pest control officer, you are guaranteed the safest eco-friendly pest control practice available. Safe for your family, pets and garden! Pet friendly Pest Control Cape Town :) 



A Pests controlled office

Whether in the commercial sector or your home environment pests like ants, cockroaches, rodents, bed bugs, fleas, etc. can become a big problem.

Our job is not only to treat them with the best eco friendly services available but also to educate you on how to keep them under control with natural pest control methods. This, in our industry, is called “ IPM” Integrated Pest Management.

A method where both the client and the pest control officer discuss the problem at hand so that the best, safest and effective measures can be put in place to resolve any infestation.

Extreme Clean provides Integrated Pest Management as a method where both the client and the pest control officer discuss the problem at hand so that best, safest and effective measures can be put into place to resolve any infestation.

Staying up to date with natural pest control methods

Eco-friendly extermination for pests that is safe with no harm coming to your pet from harsh chemicals or poisons. We’re trained professionals approved by government bodies such as The South African Pest Control Association which meets regularly to discuss new service methods of treatment.

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More Eco-friendly methods

Most people believe that pest control is a practice where poisons are used and negatively impact the environment and humans. Whilst a long time ago this may have been in part true, with advanced technology, training and up to date practices, this could not be further from the truth.

Extreme Clean has eco friendly pest control services for both the house and commercial sector. We are certified by government bodies such as The South African Pest Control Association. We meet regularly to discuss new methods of treatment or old ones that may not work anymore. All with safety being the top priority.

We use eco-friendly methods which do not harm humans or the environment. This is done by using natural pesticides that are approved for this purpose and safe to be used around pets, children or people who may suffer from asthma.

Extreme Clean has eco friendly pest control solutions for both homes and businesses in Cape Town, Johannesburg and Vaal Triangle! Our eco friendly extermination solution will benefit your family, plants, pets and garden. We keep them healthy without harming them with harmful chemicals.

Therefore, you can sit back knowing they’re being taken care of by professional ecologically sound pest management experts whose number one priority is safety first.

Our eco-friendly system does not require a harsh pesticide but rather works with nature to rid of insects through as many natural products as possible. We believe it is important to keep the ecosystem in balance.


Contact us for a free consultation, if you’re looking for:


– eco-friendly pest control

– Integrated Pest Management

– natural pesticide

– family safe pesticides and methods

If you have an eco-friendly business, then we have eco friendly solutions for you. If you want to keep your clients and office staff safe on the one hand but also consider natural products, on the other hand, come chat to us.

Bees and wasps are also an important part of the ecosystem and we have eco-friendly solutions to control them as well without harming our eco-friends.

Extreme Clean offers eco-friendly extermination services for all homes in residential areas, commercial businesses and industrial zones around Cape Town, Johannesburg and Vaal Triangle!


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Pest control in the garden

Another eco-friendly solution for pest control is to manage them in the garden. Ants and spiders are a common sight in the garden, but they can become pests if they start invading your home.

While there are some pests that no one wants in the home or office place like fleas, bed bugs cockroaches there are other insects that play a major role in the ecology that we don’t want to eradicate. On the other hand, you do want to keep them under control the natural way.

One such example is the common ant who plays a major role in most ecological systems and is necessary for a healthy garden.

There are many ways to eliminate these pests without using harsh chemicals.


Make your own natural pesticide

You can also use garlic and chilli as natural pesticides. Crush up some garlic cloves and mix them with boiling water. Add a few drops of hot pepper sauce to the mixture and spray it on the plants.

The strong smell will keep pests away! This is also a great way to protect food that is planted and you won’t risk poisoning the consumer.


Attract beneficial insects

Beneficial insects, such as ladybugs and lacewings, can be attracted by planting certain plants. You can also buy beneficial insects. We know that sounds crazy, but it is a thing!

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Companion planting

One way to develop a natural ecosystem is to plant trees and plants that benefit the soil and prevent fungal diseases, deter aphids and attract beneficial insects.

Companion planting is a natural pesticide control method that has been practised for centuries and has big benefits. Some plants release toxins into the soil that kill or repel pests, while others attract predatory insects.

Plant mint, fennel, dill, yarrow, sunflowers and dandelion to attract ladybirds, praying mantis, hoverflies and lacewings – all of which will happily feast on your aphids. Bugs can be natural products!

Tips for Spiders

Spiders are attracted to compost heaps that contain rotting food like vegetables or fruit. To prevent this, make sure you add eggshells into your heap which helps with drainage and discourages insects from entering it in the first place!


What about Fish moths?

Fish moths can be a big problem in the garden, as they lay their eggs on aquatic plants. The larvae then feast on the leaves of the plants, which can kill them.



Thank you so much for the workmanship done on Saturday, I was completely overwhelmed this morning when I entered the 3 areas, and have been asked by the staff if we changed the flooring he he he.

Superb job indeed.

Teresa Brooks

Tons and tons of thanks for the much needed help.

Your staff were efficient and they are well trained… well done!!!

SM Pritchard

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