Extreme Clean will take all your commercial and private cleaning services to the next level!

We know just how much financial investment, commitment and time it takes to create the highest standard in building a home, industrial building, hotel, shopping mall and commercial property, and to keep that high standard looking professional, as well as maintaining the good reputation you have worked hard to build, Extreme Clean has an expert, well developed cleaning solution to service all these various industries and properties with an expertise developed over many years.

People do notice the smallest of details and you will be surprised at how much of an impact a clean, well maintained environment has on your clients as well as your staff, and our team will work hard to protect and enhance your investment.

Your office environment, home or business facility, irrespective of size, will be cleaned in a time and cost effective manner on a regular basis with a high level of commitment to service excellence you can rely on time after time.

Regular and scheduled deep cleaning of your commercial carpets with our expert cleaning methods will eliminate the bacteria and odours that love to breed in carpets, and will also prolong the life of your carpets, and Extreme Clean will offer hard working commitment to keeping your carpets clean and smelling fresh.

Your tiled and laminated floors will look like new with our expert, specialised floor and tile cleaning services, designed to protect and prolong the life of your floors, we make sure that your investment in them keeps giving you the best returns. Keeping your home and business premises dust-free eliminates the build-up of clothing fibres, hair and skin flakes, as well as getting rid of harmful mould spores. Many types of furniture particularly attract dust and Extreme Clean will maintain a healthy environment, especially for people who suffer with allergies and asthma.

Word of mouth is a powerful tool in either growing or lowering the image of your business, which makes it worthwhile and cost effective to invest in expert cleaning services so that your visitors and clients experience a welcoming and healthy atmosphere, from clean windows outside to a fresh, well maintained home and business premise on the inside.

Our team at Extreme Clean would like to be part of keeping your image bright and clean, as well as maintaining and highlighting the growth of your brand. We look forward to being of service to you!

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