Major corporate clients trust Extreme Clean implicitly for service excellence beyond expectations!

Looking at the services offered by average cleaning companies and then comparing them to the specialised cleaning services carried out by Extreme Clean will give you a clear picture of just what it means to be a ‘specialist’ cleaning service in the true sense of the word ‘specialist’!

In order to offer a service of this standard, Extreme Clean has done a tremendous amount of research into the most effective cleaning methods and equipment on the market worldwide, applying a wealth of advanced knowledge that makes their cleaning services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Vaal Triangle the very best in the industry.

It is not by accident that Extreme Clean has reached the level of success it has since 2001, it has taken sheer dedication to service excellence to become the most trusted team to call on when it comes to cleaning services such as post occupational cleaning, carpet cleaning, pest control and other essential services that bring life to any building that needs a good, deep clean.

If your floors are looking tired, in high traffic areas, Extreme Clean will work out a schedule that will keep your floors looking bright and shiny in your business, without interrupting the flow of your business day. Work can be carried out after-hours or over weekends, without any effort on your part.

Extreme Clean takes care of the cleaning equipment used, ensures that a good system of colour coded cloths is used in order to avoid cross contamination in crucial areas, and takes the burden of staff training off your hands completely, you will never have to worry about whether cleaning staff will pitch or not again.

An added bonus to a contractual cleaning agreement with Extreme Clean is that they manage every detail associated with HR, IR (inspection reports), labour, equipment and maintenance issues as well as the responsible use of cleaning chemicals, all of which are SABS approved.

Short-cuts are not part of the vocabulary at Extreme Clean; contact them today to find out why their top corporate clients trust them implicitly to get the job done beyond expectations!

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