The average person in the street does not think about what actually happens once construction is completed on any building, whether it is residential, commercial or industrial, all they know is that the next time they look, the site looks beautifully clean and is already occupied – what’s happened post-construction is a mystery to most of us!

However, for any construction company, the nitty gritty of getting any newly constructed building or development ready for occupation is an area that they are not equipped to handle, inevitably, the next building project is waiting in the wings, with yet another completion schedule looming, which is where specialist post-construction cleaning becomes essential!

Ask any guy in a hard hat, or one that walks across girders like a high wire artist, to take a cloth and clean after erecting a building that has taken expert knowledge and workmanship to complete, never mind the blood and sweat that goes with it, and you might be in for a spot of trouble!

This is why Extreme Clean has been the trusted post-construction cleaning services company in Cape Town and Johannesburg since 2001, offering construction companies a partnership that can be relied on fully to do justice to each building, shopping mall, hospital, hotel, or complex, (you name it!) so that the team can move on to digging the foundations for the next project without any worries!

The same applies to estate agents, letting agents and landlords who struggle to find a truly reliable, efficient post-occupational cleaning services company that will do the job without anyone having to breathe down the necks of the cleaners, and there is not a cleaning services company in Cape Town that can beat the 72 point cleaning system instituted by Extreme Clean owner, Paul Adams!

The expert, highly trained and incentivised staff at Extreme Clean know exactly how to go about efficiently cleaning homes ahead of new tenants taking occupation, and even though post-occupational cleaning is an intense form of cleaning that can sometimes take up to a day to complete, no one on this friendly staff drags their feet during the process, it’s just that the job is done so well that no agent or landlord need think twice about letting the new tenants in!

For any busy estate agent or letting agent, knowing that they can go about their business and leave post-occupational cleaning in the very capable hands of the Extreme Clean team, is more of a weight off their shoulders than most of us could imagine, which is exactly why Extreme Clean is the go-to team for any post-occupational cleaning in Cape Town and Johannesburg!

Check out the 72 point cleaning system used by Extreme Clean and the information about how much research goes into the latest cleaning methods and chemicals, this is where you will see exactly why Extreme Clean is the cleaning service of choice, whether for post-occupational cleaning, post-construction cleaning, carpet cleaning, office cleaning, furniture cleaning and so much more!

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