There is only one specialist cleaning company that will protect your assets like Extreme Clean can.

Paul Adams spent many years in the cleaning services industry, observing and absorbing everything to do with the generalities of the average contractual cleaning services and then decided to strike out on his own in 2001, taking commercial contractual cleaning services to a completely new level with the birth of Extreme Clean!

This meant being willing to go further than just the extra mile to create a specialised cleaning service that takes an extreme approach to every cleaning project taken on by a highly trained team, bringing consistent growth to Extreme Clean through the years, so much so that in addition to the Vaal Triangle and Johannesburg branches, Extreme Clean extended their reach and added a Cape Town branch to a growing portfolio in 2008.

Despite the success and growth enjoyed by Extreme Clean, the standard of specialised cleaning services offered by this highly incentivised and motivated team has not flagged, remaining consistently committed to a high level of customer service.

Extreme Clean is definitely a team of cleaning specialists you can trust to maintain expensive assets such as floors, carpet cleaning and furniture at an exceptional level, prolonging the life of these assets through the use of specialised cleaning techniques that have been well researched and tested.

As one satisfied Extreme Clean client remarked, after the team had used their specialised cleaning techniques on the floors at their premises over a weekend, the staff had asked whether the flooring had been changed over the weekend – and that was after setting the Extreme Clean team loose on their premises for just one day!

Extreme Clean is trusted by many high profile commercial and industrial clients to ensure the cleanliness and hygiene of their premises is of the highest standard, such as shopping centres, hotels, private hospitals and more. In addition to this, Extreme Clean is the team most trusted by estate agents and property owners to manage their post occupational cleaning; they trust Extreme Clean to carry out the work with the highest level of professionalism and reliability in the industry.

When you are looking around for fully comprehensive specialised cleaning services, whether it is on a contractual basis or on a once-off basis, make sure you contact Extreme Clean first if nothing less than the best will do for you!

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