Reap the rewards of fewer sick days in the work place with specialist cleaning services from Extreme Clean.

With germs spreading around the workplace constantly, hiding in unexpected places and causing various levels of illness, and it is not just in office environments, warehouses, retail stores, and hotel as well as healthcare facilities, a high emphasis is placed on the need for trustworthy cleaning services to tackle all the areas that are unseen traps for germs.
Extreme Clean provides the latest in technologically advanced cleaning systems carried out by a team of highly trained staff who are committed to ensuring a germ free fresh environment for your employees, as well as contributing to the overall impression that is made on visitors to your premises.
Sick days cost business millions of Rands in loss of profits every year, as well as resulting in a 54% loss in productivity, making a specialist cleaning company such as Extreme Clean a great partner to have in reaping the rewards of fewer sick days. Our team at Extreme Clean receives ongoing training that equips them to tackle various issues such as the disinfecting surfaces and rest rooms as well as the specialised treatment of carpets which are the perfect breeding ground for germs.
Extreme Clean uses a special colour coded Microfiber cloth system in order to avoid cross contamination during cleaning, such as a blue cloth for cleaning wash basins and tiles or a red cloth for cleaning urinals and toilets, with cloths that are regularly replaced for your protection.
The team at Extreme Clean take no short cuts and even if they have to spend a bit more time than expected initially, they will only be satisfied when the job is properly done. With ongoing training and employee incentives for service excellence, we are proud of our team and their ability to rise to any challenges in order to produce the very best in specialised cleaning services.
For Extreme Clean there is no job too big or small, whether it is for the home, shopping mall, hospital or large corporate entity, our attention to detail remains the same. If you expect nothing less than the best please contact our team for once off or contractual cleaning services of the highest standard available in the industry.

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