Professional Contract Cleaning

Cape Town & Johannesburg

Extreme cleaning is the prefered provider of professional and reliable cleaning services to the commercial, industrial and corporate sectors in Cape Town and Johannesburg. Our contract cleaning provides you with a means to eliminate the stress that is incurred from maintaining cleaning staff, as well as the associated issues related to keeping your business clean and tidy on a daily basis.

Letting us focus on your cleaning needs means you can focus on the important aspects of running your business. We pride ourselves on understanding a business’s cleaning requirements and make sure our staff members are trained to respond to your specific needs. Using our service also means that there is redundancy built into the staff available to you, we will have our staff trained to the specifics of your business. This ensures there will be no downtime at any point when a cleaner is on annual leave or is unable to make it in that day.

Contract Cleaning
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  • Carefully selected staff are trained according to each of their specialised tasks.
  • We can accommodate your business’ specific cleaning requirements within the various services offered.
  • All contractual cleaning is inspected by the trained supervisor on site, maintaining a consistent level of quality.
  • Research on advanced cleaning materials, chemicals as well as the most cost effective methods of application is done at regular intervals.
  • Contract Cleaning provides only the most hard-working and reliable staff, there is no compromise at the professional level.
  • As per contractual agreement we are able to retain current staff by them training within our company’s cleaning standards. This eliminates your responsibility that is associated with HR, IR, labour, cleaning chemicals, equipment and maintenance issues

The Ultimate Steam Cleaning Service.

Health and safety is a primary concern for us, we take hygiene and sanitation very seriously when providing cleaners and the materials they use. Our Staff are trained to use a colour coordinated microfibre cloth system. For instance red clots are designated for hygiene sensitive tasks, such as the cleaning of toilets and urinals, as where blue cloths are used in the cleaning of wash basins and tiles. This avoids any cross contamination and ensures a pristine environment for our clients. Cloths and other cleaning materials are replaced on a regular basis, ensuring our staff have the best tools and newest tools at hand to perform their tasks optimally.

At Extreme Cleaning we make use of the latest technology in cleaning. We don’t believe in holding back and it is why we use the Top of The Range Steam Cleaning Machines. Our Steam Equipment operates at 4 bar, this is twice the pleasure you normally put into a car tire. They also get to an operating temperature of up to 175 deg Celsius, this is fantastic for getting in and cleaning out dirt that is stubborn and has been embedded for a long time. The high temperatures at which the our machines operate also helps to sanitise and cleanse an area.

Guaranteed Better Cleaning Results

Due to the power of this pressure and high temperature steam, you don’t need to use detergents or chemicals to get everything clean. This means its good for the environment and its good for your home. The system gets into really hard to reach places, removing even the most difficult dirt & grime. It hygienically cleans all the hard surfaces in your house such your kitchen tops, under the kitchen sink as well as all the tiles or carpets in your house.

Likewise our Steam cleaning equipment is just as capable of getting your bathroom as clean as your kitchen, easily able to clean your bathroom taps, tiles and all those hard to reach stubborn places that seem to collect dirt over the years. That soap and grime that has built up over time is easily removed, leaving your bathroom looking brand new. Our process is also able to handle more challenging task such as the cleaning of the tracks and framework of aluminium windows. The removing of paint and cement off of windows as well as the spot cleaning of ceilings.