Contract Cleaning

  • As part of the contractual agreement we are able to retain the current staff by training within our company cleaning standard. This will eliminate the client’s responsibility that is associated with HR, IR, Labour, Cleaning Chemicals, Equipment and Maintenance Issues.
  • Carefully selected staff are trained accordingly to each of their specialized tasks
  • We can accommodate clients’ specific cleaning requirements by the various services offered
  • All contractual cleaning is inspected by the trained Supervisor on site
  • Research on advanced cleaning materials, chemicals and cost effective methods is done regularly
  • Contract cleaning provides only the most hard-working and reliable staff
Contract Cleaning


Our company strives to be a provider of professional and reliable service to the commercial and industrial sectors. Contract Cleaning is provided to eliminate the stress of staff and cleaning related issues, so you  are able to focus on your core business. Our staff are trained in all aspects of cleaning to suit you or your company’s needs. When a cleaner is on annual leave a trained replacement will ensure all the tasks are carried out, this will however be included in your contractual cleaning agreement

Health and safe is our top priority when providing cleaning materials and equipment

Cleaners are trained according to a Colour Coded Microfiber cloth system For example a red cloth is used to clean urinals and toilets and a blue cloth is used for wash basin and tiles. This system is used to avoid any cross contamination

Cloths are replaced on a regular basis, assuring our clients that staff are able to clean effectively and not ” some old dirty rags”.

All necessary Equipment and Cleaning Materials required to perform day-to-day cleaning tasks are supplied with in the contractual agreement.

Public Holidays, Weekends and Overtime can be discussed to incorporate within the agreement

No matter how big or small your company requirements are, we can assist you.

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