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Pest Control –pest control cape town Keeping Your Home and Business Pest-Free!

A pest can be described into multiple divisions of creatures that become an annoyance within your household or workplace. Pests can vary from bats, to rodents or insects. Having pests in your house hold can be incredibly annoying as well as unhealthy. A lot of rodents can carry diseases and have a nasty habit of leaving their “droppings” everywhere, especially in kitchen cupboards. Insects such as ants are incredibly persistent and once they have infested your household it is extremely difficult to get rid of them, they also make your home looking unclean and constantly mingling around your food storages.

There is nothing worse than having to run a stressful and consuming business and then still having to deal with pest infestations. These are more common with restaurants or food outlets as insects and rodents are constantly searching for their next meals. Pests have been known to give restaurants and food outlets bad names, due to a law which protects consumers from dining at restaurants against rodent or insect infestation as it is deemed unhealthy and unprofessional.

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With 10 years of experience in the Pest control division, our company  has vast knowledge on controlling infestation of all vermin and pests. Pest control teams are highly qualified and experienced in this field. At the premises where pest control is being implemented, teams deliver detailed reports on each treatment supplied.

Pest control is highly important in your residential area and especially your work place. With current laws many businesses are being closed down due pests and vermin being a constant problem, even after treatment, that’s why we only use highly effective pesticides and rodenticides that guarantee professional results. As effective and harmful these repellents are to pests, they are 100% approved by SABS and are environmentally friendly.

We are also able to install tamper proof rodent bait stations, which are compliant with inspection authorities, the strict standards put in place and service levels such as HACCP.

We serve Cape Town, Johannesburg & Vaal.