Specialist Window Cleaning Services for High Rise

High rise office blocks may be convenient but they present a common problem: how do you clean the windows?

The simple answer is that you need professionals to do it. As a dangerous and risky job you need to make sure the cleaners are highly skilled, fully trained and use the right equipment. Furthermore, you need to know they will adhere to the required safety rules. At Extreme Clean we can guarantee you all of this at excellent, surprisingly affordable rates.

Extreme Clean operates in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town, and we offer – as well as window cleaning – a range of expert cleaning services. Our window cleaning experts use a Rope Access method – this is akin to abseiling – that requires great skill to master. All cleaners are fully experienced and will also be overseen by a manager at all times. Each building will be surveyed for specific requirements and the equipment used will be specific to that one job. This equipment is inspected on a regular basis and, if found not to be compliant with the regulations or not fit for purpose, will be replaced.

We take great pride in our professionalism at Extreme Clean and in the fact we have many satisfied customers who testify to our excellence. We like to believe we provide value for money too, so you will find our rates to be very competitive. We will keep your windows spotless on a regular basis and can also help with many other areas of cleaning including floors and tiles. Whatever the height of your building we are happy to help, and our team of experts are waiting to give you a price for your window cleaning requirements. Get in touch with Extreme Clean and we will be on hand to help.


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