Professional Contract Cleaning for Commercial & industrial sectors

Our contract cleaning provides you with peace of mind.  Let us focus on your cleaning needs so that you can focus on the important aspects of running your business. 


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Full Service Residential & Commercial Cleaning

Why use us for Contract Cleaning in the Commercial & industrial sectors?

Extreme cleaning is the preferred provider of professional and reliable cleaning services to the commercial, industrial and corporate sectors.


Less Stress

Our contract cleaning provides you with a means to eliminate the stress that is incurred from maintaining cleaning staff, as well as the associated issues related to keeping your business clean and tidy on a daily basis. 

Focus on Your Business

Letting us focus on your cleaning needs means you can focus on the important aspects of running your business. 

Personalised Service

We pride ourselves on understanding a business’s cleaning requirements and make sure our staff members are trained to respond to your specific needs.

Trained Staff

Using our service also means that there is redundancy built into the staff available to you, we will have our staff trained to the specifics of your business.

No Sick Days

This ensures there will be no downtime at any point when a cleaner is on annual leave or is unable to make it in that day.

We offer contract cleaning services for the following:

Retail Stores

From small boutiques to large department stores, retail businesses prioritize cleanliness to create a welcoming atmosphere for shoppers.

Office Buildings

Companies of all sizes outsource us for cleaning tasks to ensure their workspaces remain tidy and conducive to productivity.

Healthcare Facilities

Hospitals, clinics, and medical offices require stringent cleaning protocols to prevent the spread of infections and maintain patient safety.

Educational Institutions

Schools, colleges, and universities enlist contract cleaning services to keep classrooms, corridors, and common areas clean and sanitary for students and staff.

Hospitality Industry

Hotels, resorts, and restaurants rely on professional cleaning services to uphold their reputation for cleanliness and provide guests with a pleasant experience.

Manufacturing Facilities

 Industrial settings such as factories and warehouses require specialized cleaning to maintain safety standards and comply with regulations.

Commercial Real Estate

Property management companies and building owners contract cleaning services to ensure their properties remain well-maintained and attractive to tenants.

Entertainment Venues

Theatres, cinemas, and event spaces benefit from contract cleaning to provide patrons with a clean and enjoyable experience.

Carefully selected staff are trained according to each of their specialized tasks.


We can accommodate your business’ specific cleaning requirements within the various services offered.


All contractual cleaning is inspected by the trained supervisor on-site, maintaining a consistent level of quality.


Research on advanced cleaning materials, chemicals as well as the most cost-effective methods of application is done at regular intervals.


Contract Cleaning provides only the most hard-working and reliable staff, there is no compromise at the professional level.


As per contractual agreement, we are able to retain current staff by them training within our company’s cleaning standards. This eliminates your responsibility that is associated with HR, IR, labour, cleaning chemicals, equipment, and maintenance issues

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Happy Customers

“Thank you very much Paul and the team for our outstanding post-tenancy clean. We highly recommend Extreme Clean in Cape Town. In addition to the faultless clean of the flat, they were on time, professional, efficient, good value, and they communicated with us throughout the day. We will use Extreme Clean again.”   (Jane Fenn)

“We called Paul to do a deep clean at our place. He arrived on time with his team and we were astonished as to the lengths his staff went to, to ensure it was cleaned properly. He is highly recommended to all job big or small.” 

(Meg McDonald)

“Wow this team went over and above, thank you, Extreme clean team. I’m impressed with your professional service”

(Dewaldt Steenkamp)

“Thanks to extreme clean Gauteng our place Looks brand new again Will definately recomend their service to all. Thank you so much extreme clean Team.”

(Casper Steenkamp)

We'll take care of it

Carpet Cleaning

With our Steam Clean Method carpets and furniture will be rejuvenated and dry quickly. Our mat and furniture cleansing services are offered in Randburg, JHB and CPT.

Move In & Out Cleaning

We specialize in the cleaning of homes before new tenants take occupation or after a house becomes vacant.

Furniture Cleaning

Maintaining your furniture prolongs its durability and we also remove allergens. It is just part of the process.

Contract Cleaning

Letting us focus on your cleaning needs means you can focus on the important aspects of running your business.

Pest Contol Cape Town 3

Pest Control

Our exterminator teams are highly qualified and experienced in this field. We'll even deliver detailed reports on each treatment supplied.

We offer a range of services

The focus at Extreme Clean is on offering a comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services  in Cape Town, Johannesburg and The Vaal Triangle that include contract cleaning, post occupational cleaning, office cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, expert pest control, window cleaning and specialised floor cleaning services, all of which go well beyond average cleaning standards.

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