Extreme Clean has a few tricks up its sleeve when it comes to post occupational cleaning!

If you are an estate agent, letting agent, renovations contractor, building contractor or landlord, you will already know just how essential it is to have a specialist cleaning team on speed dial, and in a hectic business schedule, the last thing you need to worry about is whether the job will get done, and well done at that!

Extreme Clean is not just any old cleaning company; this team really does take their commitment to excellence to the extreme with a 72 point cleaning system that does not miss a spot! Paul Adams has shaped his team through expert training, staff incentives that make for a team that is a pleasure to deal with and keeping up with the latest cleaning techniques and equipment.

If you have made a date with Extreme Clean, you don’t need to give post occupational cleaning any further thought, they will be there, and while they may not be wearing bells and whistles, they will definitely be easy to identify in their Safety uniforms.

Post occupational cleaning is a job best left to trusted professionals, it’s a job that takes time to do well, and a team that is individually trained to suit their specific cleaning areas expertly, brought together as a cohesive force for the benefit of many long-term clients, and as a refreshing change to new clients!

Extreme Clean started out with post occupational cleaning in Johannesburg and the Vaal Triangle in 2001 and spread its wings to bring expert post occupational cleaning to Cape Town in 2008, continuing to prove that no matter how much they have grown, the intention at Extreme Clean remains the same, to be the best!

Post occupational cleaning is not the only specialist trick up the sleeve at Extreme Clean, every service offered by this team is of the highest standard, from contract cleaning to carpet cleaning and sparkling tile or vinyl floors! The first time you trust your cleaning to this team will be the last time you ever look anywhere else for unparalleled service!

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