The most comprehensive list of specialised cleaning services is only offered by Extreme Clean.

Ensuring that your commercial properties, offices, renovated homes, factories, shopping centres and so much more are healthy environments, as clear of bacteria and viruses as possible, not only has a positive effect on staff morale and health, but also creates an impression of high standards to visiting clients which signifies to them that your business is conducted with the same level of thoroughness and professionalism.

If you have an especially high traffic commercial premises or large corporate office which also attracts a high level of traffic, the most cost effective solution to keeping your environment clean and healthy is to bring in the Extreme Clean team and allow then to apply extraordinarily specialised cleaning services in order to maintain a healthy energy in your premises for everyone.

Many years spent in the cleaning services industry has brought consistent success to Extreme Clean and the commitment which was made by founder and owner Paul Adams when he first started out in 2001, that no matter how big Extreme Clean got, the service would remain the same, has never wavered.

Extreme Clean is made up of a team of highly trained professionals, each trained to suit the role they play in the cleaning process as set out in each specialised area of cleaning, and this is a highly valued compliment of staff who are incentivised to give their best in every situation and work harder than any other cleaning crew could.

The comprehensive list of services offered by Extreme Clean in Cape Town and Johannesburg, as well as in the areas surrounding these main centres, are all on view when you pay their great-looking user friendly website a visit, which will give you in-depth information about how the Extreme Clean teams go about tackling each project, big or small, from post occupational cleaning to corporate office cleaning and more.

Your search for a reliable specialised cleaning services company in South Africa will be a highly successful one if it lands at the front door of Extreme Clean!

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