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Daily contractual cleaning, carpet cleaning, post occupational cleaning, office cleaning and pest control, not to mention specialised cleaning services for floors and tiles; how much more could you ask for of a cleaning services company, and it is all rolled up in one very successful company that has consistently raised the standard of cleaning services in the Cape Town and Johannesburg regions!

All of these cleaning services are what Extreme Clean is all about, on top of which, you will never have met a more highly trained, pleasant compliment of staff who know exactly what they are doing and are willing to work really hard to achieve the best results in everything they do, whether the project is big or small!

A lot of research into the latest chemicals and equipment as well as more cost effective cleaning methods sets Extreme Clean apart from the rest of the cleaning services companies in the industry, showing a commitment to going a lot further into what it means to provide truly specialised cleaning services in all the specific fields Extreme Clean is able to tackle.

Reliability is a key ingredient to the success which has been enjoyed by Extreme Clean for many years now as well as a determination that despite the steady growth of Extreme Clean throughout these years since 2001, their intention is still to be the best and not just the biggest specialised cleaning services company in South Africa.

Once the Extreme Clean has been through your premises, whether it is on a contractual office cleaning basis or post occupational cleaning, the thoroughness of this highly trained team is self evident, and with a supervisor on site, the extra touch is definitely well taken care of.

No matter which of the services you choose to contact Extreme Clean to take off your hands, it will be a decision you will never regret, contact the friendly team today to find out what they can do for you with their commitment to customer service and professionalism!

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