Your search for exceptional post-construction cleaning services ends right at the doorstep of Extreme Clean!

There is no doubt that any home or business owner, along with construction companies and contracted renovators face the inevitable once construction or renovation is completed – an absolute mess, one which few know how to tackle effectively, especially when it is not their area of expertise.

Post construction or renovation cleaning is an area of expertise for the specialised cleaning services of Extreme Clean, who get down to the job at hand quickly and effectively, no matter how big the mess is or how large the area to be cleaned may be.  With the valuable experience this team has accumulated after many years in the cleaning services industry, Extreme Clean has taken post-construction cleaning to a whole new level of professionalism.

Every area, from the ceiling to the floor will be cleaned using the latest in cleaning methods and equipment and carried out by a highly trained team who are each fully equipped to manage their area of expertise with complete professionalism and commitment to customer service.

Many high profile clients from the construction industry as well as developers rely on the service excellence they have come to associate with Extreme Clean, knowing that by the time new tenants are ready to move in, they will be taking occupancy of a perfectly cleaned space, whether it is a new home, one that has been renovated or a large development finally completed.

From the ceiling to the floor and windows, Extreme Clean employs methods which have taken many years worth of commitment to delving deeper into every facet of the cleaning service industry in order to provide an extreme cleaning service that stands head above shoulders of any other cleaning service.

Extreme Clean brings you cost effective, tailor made cleaning solutions to suit your requirements across a wide range of specialised cleaning services, making it well worth your while to contact this team and experience their friendly and committed attitude for yourself, no doubt your search for exceptional service will end right at their doorstep!

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