Why settle for anything less than the most specialised team in the cleaning service industry!

Extreme Clean is no ordinary every day cleaning company, when the word ‘extreme’ is associated with their name, it means just that, extreme and advanced cleaning services hard to find anywhere else in South Africa!

Key accounts with major high profile clients are proof that when the Extreme Clean team tackles any project, it is done with sheer professionalism and training that goes above and beyond the norm.  Despite the experience this team has enjoyed in applying their expert cleaning experience to large prestigious commercial properties, shopping centres, factories and hotels, there is no job to big or too small for the Extreme team to tackle.

Post occupational cleaning is another area of expertise which is offered by Extreme Clean, which means that many estate agents, property owners and managers rely on the ability of Extreme Clean to provide an exceptional level of service in preparation for new tenants planning to move in.  Extreme Clean does not just stick to the eye-level, obvious areas, they get into places your average cleaning company would not even think of attending to, using the latest in cleaning equipment and methods to reach into all the nooks and crannies with an exceptional thoroughness.

These are all part of the reason that Extreme Clean has consistently maintained an exceptionally good reputation for service excellence since 2001, and by offering of the most comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town, the ability of this team headed by founder Paul Adams is without a doubt above and beyond any other cleaning service in South Africa.

From giving your carpets a new lease on life, polishing and sealing of vinyl and slate tiles to ensuring that your premises will be given a deep clean from front to back like never before, you can be assured that Extreme Clean will rise to the occasion and exceed your expectations time after time.

Extreme Clean has gone where other cleaning companies have feared to tread due to the exceptional level of advanced knowledge that is required to offer this standard of extreme cleaning, which means that if you will settle for nothing less than the best in the cleaning service industry, Extreme Clean is just the team you need!

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