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Whether it is on a conscious level or not, clients entering your premises are definitely not going to be impressed by an office or corporate building that reflects an aura of neglect, people notice the smallest of things and it is these impressions that can create a lack of confidence in your level of service and professionalism.

Many companies will spend hundreds of thousands of Rands in maintaining the exterior of their building yet pay little if any attention to the fact that what is inside the building is every bit as important as that first impression a client gets, even if you did add a bit of a facelift to your reception area.

It is essential to keep your premises fresh and clean, every bit as important as it is to manage and maintain your commitment to clients, which is exactly where contracting the tailor made services of a professional team like Extreme Clean to apply their extreme cleaning methods to maintain a clean and fresh environment comes in.

Extreme Clean goes well beyond the boundaries of any average cleaning company, using the very latest in cleaning techniques and equipment, managed by a team highly qualified to fulfil their individual roles as part of the whole.  Extreme Clean is committed to providing the team with ongoing training in order to keep up with advances in technology in the cleaning service industry, on top of which this is a highly motivated team who are incentivised to reach levels way above average.

The reputation that Extreme Clean has earned through their long term relationships with many high profile clients is proof that this is no flash in the pan company, they have been around since 2001 and the exceptionally high level of service that is associated with Extreme Clean has never flagged.

Whether it is on a contractual basis or as a once-off service, bringing Extreme Clean into your business will not only create a cleaner, healthier environment for your staff, it will go a long way towards creating a lasting impression of professionalism and high standards with your clients.

Please visit the Extreme Clean website for an in-depth insight into the full scope of professional specialised cleaning services provided by this exceptional team.

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