Extreme Clean offers cost effective specialised cleaning perfectly in line with your requirements.

With a staff compliment that is highly trained in the latest specialist cleaning methods and equipment, Extreme Clean is unequivocally experienced enough to completely revitalise and refresh your corporate offices and other commercial properties, including shopping malls, retail outlets and other industrial properties.

Once the Extreme Clean has been through your premises the difference will be obvious, this team does far more than just a surface clean, they reach into areas no other cleaning company will bother with, ensuring that all areas that are breeding grounds for germs and dust collection are completely cleared.

For expensive assets like carpets, a periodic deep cleaning by the Extreme Clean team at specific intervals will get rid of accumulated soil, grit and dust, all of which, if left unchecked, becomes the perfect breeding ground for destructive mites and bacteria. The best way to extend the life of your carpets and furniture is to let Extreme Clean apply their specialist carpet cleaning methods in order to avoid unnecessary and costly replacement.

Only SABS approved chemicals are used to clean and protect the carpets and furniture in your commercial properties, using a special Odorise Chemical to make your carpets and furniture smell fresh and clean as well as leaving them looking brand new!

Despite the fantastic growth experienced by Extreme Clean since its inception in the Vaal Triangle and Johannesburg, with a Cape Town branch opened in 2008, each client is still treated with the same unwavering service excellence that has gained Extreme Clean many high profile corporate clients who make regular use of this team, either on a contractual basis or on a once-off basis a few times a year.

Extreme Clean has also earned a valued reputation and created long term relationships with clients as a result of their exceptional services in post occupational cleaning, pest control and specialised floor and tile cleaning services, ensuring that no matter which service is rendered by this highly trained and motivated team, it will be of the highest standard possible!
Contact Extreme Clean and let this experienced team work with you to create a cost effective cleaning service that suits your commercial requirements perfectly! Please visit the Extreme Clean website as well in order to learn more about the lengths that this team goes to in order to bring a whole new level of cleaning to the industry!

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