No job is too big or small for the Extreme Clean specialist team to tackle in depth!

Extreme Clean offers a comprehensive range of specialised cleaning services to suit all commercial, corporate and industrial businesses throughout the Vaal region as well as in and around Johannesburg and Cape Town. The highly trained team from Extreme Clean receive ongoing training in regard to the latest in cleaning techniques, chemicals and equipment, giving them the necessary skills and knowledge to carry out the most intensive cleaning projects, no matter what size the project is.

The specialised cleaning services carried out by the Extreme Clean teams and their supervisors ensure that no nook or cranny from the front to back of your premises is missed, assuring you that once this formidable team has swept through your corporate offices, hotel, shopping centre or any other commercial property, the difference will be visible!
Unfortunately many cleaning services use incorrect cleaning methods and chemicals that when used on a regular basis cause damage to floors, tiles, carpets and furniture, which is exactly why Extreme Clean has gone the extra mile in terms of the depth of research they do into the latest chemicals best suited to each area, and which cleaning methods and chemicals are most effective in the long term.

This meticulous attention to detail even extends to the use of colour coded cleaning cloths used for specific areas in order to avoid cross contamination, and these cloths are regularly replaced, you will never see a tacky cloth in the hands of a member of the Extreme Clean team!

Extreme Clean offers the expert services of the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division in order to keep your environment healthy and pest free, yet another of the specialised cleaning services offered by Extreme Clean, carried out with the same level of commitment to service excellence that is the hallmark of all projects managed by Extreme Clean!
Whether the job is big or small, you can rely on Extreme Clean to provide you with the very best in cost effective specialised cleaning services!

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