Extreme Clean provides an unwavering standard of post occupational cleaning in Johannesburg and Cape Town.

Post occupational cleaning can become a nightmare for landlords, estate agents and letting agents without a specialist cleaning service that can be relied on to provide a high standard of professionalism and service excellence that never has to be second-guessed. Extreme Clean has earned a reputation for providing such a high standard of service where it comes to post occupational cleaning in the Johannesburg, Vaal and Cape Town regions that they are recognised as the number one post occupational cleaning service available.

The use of specialist cleaning services for post occupational cleaning means that you will have a highly trained team dedicated to paying close attention to areas that are often overlooked by the average cleaning service, and with the thorough professionalism that the team from Extreme Clean displays you can be confident that any new tenants moving into your vacated premises will be impressed by the standard of cleanliness which greets them.

The highly incentivised compliment of staff from Extreme Clean are expertly trained in the latest cleaning methods and committed to maintaining a strict 72 point cleaning system that reaches into every nook and cranny of any commercial or private property that is being prepared for new tenants.

It is sad but true that many tenants vacating a private property, commercial or industrial property leave a visible mess behind as they move out, a mess which also hides a myriad of hidden threats to health such as dust mites and other pests, meanng that the property needs far more than a cursory surface clean.

What Extreme Clean does is to reach below the surface dirt to deep clean using specialised cleaning methods to clean out the smallest corners from top to bottom, leaving you with a clean, healthy and fresh result which will raise your reputation in the eyes of buyers or new tenants.

Contact Extreme Clean for post occupational cleaning services which stand head above shoulders from the rest and join their many satisfied clients who have relied on this team to provide an unwavering commitment to service excellence based on many years worth of valuable experience.  Visit the Extreme Clean website to view each of the 72 points which make up the impressive post occupational cleaning service offered by this team of professionals.

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