The benefits of using a specialist contract cleaning company to maintain a healthy environment for your staff.

Paul Adams, founder of Extreme Clean contract cleaning services in the Johannesburg, Vaal and Cape Town regions provides a team of expertly trained staff that has raised the standard of specialised cleaning services since 2001 to such an exceptional level that Extreme Clean is now recognised as the number one contract cleaning company in South Africa.

There are no flies on this team who remain plugged in to the latest technological advances in the cleaning industry in order to provide a service which has earned Extreme Clean a loyal customer base which spreads across industrial, commercial and private properties, offering an unflagging attention to detail which keeps customers coming back.

Extreme Clean contractual cleaning services take the responsibility of issues associated with Labour, HR, cleaning chemicals, equipment and maintenance issues off your hands, leaving your staff to focus on their core roles in your business, in addition to which Extreme Clean provides you with a schedule you can rely on, ensuring that you need never experience issues with cleaning staff who do not arrive on schedule.

In order to facilitate the individual cleaning requirements for each business Extreme Clean will assist with tailor made solutions to cater to the individual needs of each business and offer a high level of commitment to provide hard working, highly incentivised and reliable staff that are each trained according to their specialised tasks.

With the professional and reliable contractual cleaning services offered by Extreme Clean, clients in the commercial and industrial sectors are relieved of the burden of ensuring that cleaning staff issues are firmly in place and can be relied on, including the assurance that there is a back up for when cleaning staff are on leave.

Maintaining the necessary equipment and cleaning materials to keep your environment clean and healthy is also taken off your hands as part of the contractual agreement with Extreme Clean, and with a trained supervisor on site to inspect each cleaning project, you can be assured of the highest standard in health and safety in terms of cleaning materials and equipment supplied by Extreme Clean.

Whether your company requirements are big or small, Extreme Clean will apply the same standard of service across the board with the assurance that nothing will be done in half measures by this team of highly valued professionals.

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