Why go anywhere else when you have Extreme Clean on your side!

If you are looking for a full service specialist cleaning service in Johannesburg, the Vaal region or Cape Town then Extreme Clean will provide you with such an impressive list of cleaning services that you will never have to go anywhere else to target every area of your residential, commercial or industrial property.

Whether you are dealing with Extreme Clean on a contractual basis or as a once off service, your corporate offices and hotel, shopping centre or industrial premises will never be as clean and healthy again once this formidable team of experts have deep cleaned every nook and cranny from top to bottom in your premises.

If you are determined to extend the life of expensive assets such as floors, carpets, tiles and furniture, the specialist cleaning services provided by Extreme Clean will make light work of protecting your investment effectively and efficiently.

Using incorrect cleaning methods and chemicals on a regular basis will do more harm than good to beautiful floors, tiles and expensive carpets, these are areas that should be left to specialists like Extreme Clean who apply specific techniques to these areas to bring out the best in them and extend their lifespan.

Pest control is another very important area which needs regular treatment in order to keep the environment in your home or office healthy, and with the expert services of the Extreme Clean Pest Control Division you can rely on the same level of commitment that the team at Extreme Clean applies to any given task, big or small.

The scope of specialised services provided by Extreme Clean includes post occupational cleaning which is a cut above the rest, and with a commitment to ongoing staff training which includes the latest in cleaning techniques and chemicals, as well as an attention to detail which includes the use of colour coded cleaning cloths which are regularly replaced. Considering all these facets, it is easy to understand why Extreme Clean is the foremost name in specialised cleaning services in Cape Town, Johannesburg and the Vaal region.

Why go anywhere else for cleaning services when Extreme Clean can provide a range of specialist cleaning services that will encompass virtually every aspect of your residential, commercial or industrial property!

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